Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Look who's back....

....back again. Oh dear after my blog saying I was going to focus on being back on plan and ending the f it mentality I lasted until Friday night when laziness and a f it attitude took over and Just Eat obliged by delivering us pizza. It was okay though I told myself I would start afresh the next morning....except I didn't. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast and my normal routine of taking pictures has gone.

So on to Saturday I already knew we would be going to an all you can eat restaurant so I initially thought I'd make good choices....that didn't happen! I enjoyed every morsel of the naughty food and the shopping date with Rich. We had a really fun day which included amongst other things me wandering around New Look in high heels that I couldn't walk in and then being joined in the mission by my lovely Jen who joined me in the hilarity of trying on high heels whilst our other halves chatted and despaired at us. Once we got home from our food and relaxed I felt hideous and bloated so I told myself that I was going to get back on plan the next morning....

I did manage to get up the next morning and make a good breakfast on plan, followed by a good lunch and good dinner....and then it went wrong. I do not know what got into me but I decided we needed cupcakes so I trotted off to the shop to get cupcake stuff and proceeded to make them and eat several (Rich is now being forcefed the remaining ones). I then decided that I had too much sweet and needed carbs so got out the ryvita and low low which wouldn't have been too bad had it not been for the amount of it and the cupcakes. I was determined to not have the same issue the next day so we planned a dinner in the slow cooker as we were going to a friends house to have lunch and meet their new puppy.

We had a gorgeous lunch at Liz's house yummy veggie fajita's (chicken for the rest) followed by yummy fruit and jelly and it was a really tasty lunch. The new puppy Pugsley is gorgeous and Doug seemed to like him (when he wasn't being followed/picked on by Pugsley) and of course I have pictures to share with you

Pugsley is tiny but he makes up for his size with his utter cuteness! I did try and kidnap him but to no avail ;)

On the way home I decided I fancied a beer so I wandered off to the supermarket and picked up some carling zest and decided to enjoy a beer safe in the knowledge that dinner was virtually cooked. The thing is a new dominos opened that delivered to us and we were bombarded on the way to Liz's and home with the signs and it didn't take much for me to veer of course and decide we had to sample this....followed by peanut butter icecream. 

Luckily a lovely friend was in a similar tailspin so we talked each other through it and decided enough was enough and the big shiny purple bus needed our butts back on it. So this morning I woke up more motivated than I had for a bit and got my butt on the wagon. My lovely Mitchy has promised to superglue me to the wagon too

I seriously adore this girl she always has the right words for me x Rich also helped today by telling me to blog even through the bad and make myself accountable so I have and I will continue to do so.

So today I am superglued/handcuffed/tied to the wagon and my butt is not shifting of it! So now I will entertain you with my on plan food.

Breakfast will shock and surprise you all.....not

I know I have dorset fruit a lot but considering how off plan I have been it was nice to have the normal good breakfast and boy was it tasty. I had a busy morning working through my files. I am actually busy at work now which is good because it distracts me from the things that make me unhappy.

Lunch came round soon enough and I had raided the freezer for something to go with salad so I had pakora mush

It was tasty but the next time I make the pakora's I need to add more curry powder. You can also see my current book which is fantastic and if you like supernatural style books I'd recommend the Vampire Academy series and the spin off. 

I followed this up with fruit which as I wanted to read my book I chopped up so I could just read and nom

I had some grapes, an apple and a plum which all tasted great and got me through the afternoon.

Thankfully 5 o clock came and I picked Rich up from work via a quick Asda stop as I was on the hunt for something to go in my sandwich in the shape of cucumber and quorn ham. I've made my sandwich for tomorrow with some yummy fruit and rice pudding is puddinging in the slow cooker for breakfast. Dinner was nice and simple tonight as we didn't have it last night. Rich voted for making the meatball concoction into a bake so al I had to do was cook of some pasta and mixd it together. I chopped up some courgette for my side and because I had two healthy extra's left I had a double helping of cheese

Look who made a guest appearance of course there was cheese involved so Doug wanted it.

Whilst i've been writing the equivilant of lord of the rings tonight I decided to sample one of the muller light desserts which I picked up during my Asda wander. They are 5 syns which some people may feel is high for a small pudding but I thought it was worth it (and suitable for vegetarians which is a good thing). The chocolate one I had was rich and tasty and I must admit I was quite satisfied after it and the 4 mikado I had too. I have decided to have another shot at 777 this week as well to give me a challenge to focus on.

So thats me caught up, to those still reading thankyou for your time and patience whilst I ramble on. A special shout out to three ladies Charlotte, Donna and Mitchy for dragging me back onto the wagon and Rich for being there and supportive even whilst I crashed and burned the wagon. The support of the people around you is invaluable so if you have that support give them a huge hug and if you don't well I offer my services as everyone needs a support network on this journey


  1. Love you so much my lovely! You is proper superglued now :)

    1. luffs you too hunni xx thankyou for existing xx

  2. I love the Doug/Dinner shot many lol's from me xx

    1. one day his master plan will be complete and he will steal my dinner xx