Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Being Human

Tonight's title is inspired by my viewing of Being Human USA I loved the British version well until Mitchell died and the show in my opinion well a bit pants. The bonus with the US version is the lovely Sam Witwar who was Davis/Doomsday in Smallville. What this show has reminded me in its strange and slightly supernatural way is that we are all human. Humans were not meant to be perfect 100% of the time if we were we would be completely dull. We make mistakes, we slip and when it comes to slimming world sometimes we accidentally forget to put the handbrake off and crash the bus. Now we can sit and cry about it (which I did) or we can call Green Flag or The AA and ask them to come and rescue us. 

Initially I did sit and cry and felt like I had failed. But then I called up my rescue service and they came quickly. They helped me get back on the bus and make sure I stayed put on it...taking one meal at a time one day at a time!

Unfortunately the end of the long weekend occurred this morning when the evil alarm screeched at me and told me I had to get up. It wasn't the best of days but random chats with Mitchy and Charlotte got me through it thanks girls xx 

I also decided when we got home from work and walked Doug that the rain had soaked me enough so bubble bath was in order. It was a chance to have some me time with my book..

or so I thought....

Doug decided after 10 minutes that I'd be in there long enough and he threw some strops...he is a little diva sometimes! I did try ignoring the strops for a bit but in the end he won. Now he is snuggled up having a snooze.

Food wise it's be a good day I started with my favourite breakfast Dorset Fruit muesli with lots of fruit and weight watchers dessert yogurt

I had planned to go into town at lunch to do some chores so I had a snack around 11.30 so I wouldn't be tempted to stray

The bear yogo's are yummy and you can have 4 rolls as a heb so I had one packet as part of my snack (each pack contains 2 rolls).

When I was in town I decided to pick up a bit more fruit as we had not had our fruit delivery today so once I got back from town I had my lunch with some added fruit.

Cous Cous quiche which was my second hea and the other half of my heb for the second bear yoyo packet.

Dinner tonight was a bit of an experiment, I had marinated the quorn fillets yesterday in the jerk seasoning and then cooked off some orzo whilst this was cooking. I also cooked up a pan of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and kidney beans along with some mushrooms onions and courgettes. It worked well and I had not tried orzo without cheese before but will again as it was really tasty.

Whilst I have been writing my blog and chatting to people I had my syns for the evening today having 10 (allowing half for the quorn covering)

So I am happy with how today went and Mitchy has promised to superglue me to the bus with the threat of the death of baby unicorns if I fall :( I cannot fall of the wagon and see the sparkles die can I.

Night night all xoxo

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