Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cos you are wonder woman

This is likely to be a quick ramble from me tonight as Rich is currently downloading Scribblenauts and we want to play it. Today has been an okay day work wise nothing spectacular but thankfully Mitchy was at the end of the interweb  so we could keep each other sane all day.

One non scale but sort of scale victory  was that I was wearing a top that the last time I wore it left red grooves in my arms and was so uncomfortable. I popped it on this morning to see how it looked and it fit and was kind of baggy now. I promptly texted Rich to tell him  of this wonderful news to get a text back going cos you are wonder woman. He is such a sweetie! An hour or so later an email came into my inbox from him with this....

Yes my wonderful amazing fiance made me into wonder woman. And this message now goes out to my lovely Mitchy and my lovely Charlotte you are both wonder women and I know the scales were evil this week but I also know how amazing you are and that next week the scales will be not so evil.

On the subject of amazing women my lovely friend Tracy did me so proud tonight and hit her target with an amazing 4 stone 10lb loss. She is amazing and being there when she hit target made me so happy and also incredibly motivated. I want to step on the scales and get that feeling of achieving my goal.

So how did I get on this week....well I lost 1.5lbs its a good loss but the impatient pain in the butt I am wanted more after a bad few weeks. I did have a think about my past week and whilst I was a wagon angel I did eat a lot of rice pudding and  bread so I am going to cut back on that this week and up the superfree more just to mix it up a bit. 

Now you know I like to be a bit random but we were watching TV a little while ago and this song was playing

My next non weight but sort of weight goal is to be able to dance to this song...well jump without dying which currently is tough but its a nice fun goal to work for.

On to the usuals

Nice bowl of dorset fruit muesli with fruit and yogurt stirred in. I have missed dorset fruit so it is back on the menu next week...okay it wasn't really missing but ive neglected it this week for rice pudding.

Lunch was

My mini quiches were gorgeous and I love the beetroot salad but the big salad was a bit dull but it was still okay. 

I am not sure what is happening with blogger tonight...I swear Doug has pressed a button on it as its gone all weird. Anyway once we had weighed I headed home and Rich had begun cooking dinner for me and it was an old favourite of Mitcheeslicious pasta with a whole tub of low low along with courgettes, mushrooms and onions. It was gorgeous.

Finally I branched out on the syns tonight and actually  had 14 a massive change from my previous wednesday night blow outs. The main reason is I fancied my special k crackers and when I was weighing them out the whole packet tipped in so I checked and allocated 9 syns to them. I also fancied something chocolatey so spent another 5 on yummy muller dessert

So I'm off to game now...if I can get Rich of Injustice then bed as tomorrow I am off to London for the day to meet a lovely friend. I may not blog tomorrow night depending on how tired I am when I get back. It will be a flexi day too but I will take pictures of my noms so I can be accountable even though I flex.

Night night all I will leave you with this


  1. Hi :) I have nominated you for The Liebster Award, you can read all about here - just my little way of saying that I think your blog is fab. Thank you for your wonderful Slimming World ideas xx

    1. aww thanks hun thats really sweet and kind i am very touched xx