Monday, 13 May 2013

Ramdon ramblings about Narnia

Have you ever opened an old wardrobe and got inside to check whether Narnia was inside....come on you know you have at least thought about it....

Welcome to the world of the Karen's on a Monday where random chat is key! This all stemmed from Mitchy getting a new-old wardrobe and me asking the random question. I have no deep philosophical message here but it is so important to have friends in your life that you can talk too about anything. I am very blessed that I have Rich who accepts me and loves me for me and has my back all the time. He makes home a happy place and never fails to make me he let me have a dog 

I also have friends who all bring something very different to my life but who I can talk to for hours on end without getting bored/annoyed etc. Ironically three of my closest friends I have not met in the flesh yet but on Thursday I will be commencing the meet people I love activity by meeting up with my 'big sister' Mel and of course we have the karencation coming in July. I am lucky that the ladies in my life who I class as my closest friends are so special especially when there are some people in this world that really aren't  I also love making my friends smile and something that has really made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy was cheering my lovely Suzy up after a bad day at work. On a journey as big as I am on I feel so lucky to have 5 ladies in my life that complement so well and of course Rich and Doug.

I hope that is enough Doug shots for his fans ;)

On to the normality that is Monday, regular readers will know I don't like Mondays and when I got up this morning I felt a bit like grumpasaurous as I swear I'd only been asleep for 5 minutes but then I remembered I only had three days at work this week before having two days off then the weekend :D this did help my mood lift and I wandered off to work. I got into work to be greeted by a cup of coffee....okay the coffee didn't literally say hello or anything but it was waiting for me...imagine if the coffee could talk though hmmm I may ponder how cool that is.

Anyway enough being random I got my breakfast ready courtesy of the microwave to blitz my rice pudding which I added yogurt too and some fruit

It was very nommy and filling and kept me going until lunchtime

Inside the jacket pot is low low (which should be syn free imo so I can never stop eating it....but tht would defeat the purpose of healthy extras). The beans are the heinz garlic and herb ones and I had my little side salad and more cheese...two healhy extras today. I fancied some fruit afterwards so here a picture of some plums

The afternoon flew by and finally it was home time so I wandered down to meet Rich and we blew our way to the car....literally blew the wind was so strong in some places and randomly chatted about stuff. We got home and said hello to Dougster and of I went for a walk with him. The wind was still stupid so it was a walk which included many ear flaps from Doug (his ears were flapping in the wind). We did a few chores and then I got to work on some dinner. Yesterday I marinade chicken for Rich and quorn fillets for me in a Jamaican jerk marinade but I was nervous to try it.

Shouldn't have been it was gorgeous

The marinade was made with 3tbsp of soya sauce, 1 tbsp of sweet chilli and 2tsp of Jamaican jerk seasoning. I served this with curry rice and some veggies and it went down so well. 

I still had a healthy extra to eat so whilst I caught up on the biggest loser (Donna you will appreciate this picture)

Nice hot choc for 2 syns in my wonder woman mug with a hifi (HEB) my cake (4 syns) and 2 mikado (1). Another good day for me and it is getting closer to weigh in yay.

Final word from me includes some know those blogs you love to read well a lot of them can be found here

Also on sunday my beautiful amazing friend Mitcy is doing the race for life for an amazing charity. I have some friends who have been effected by the terrible illness that is cancer and this charity goes a long way to help those suffering so if you have some spare money no matter how little please sponsor her. 

Night night all xoxo


  1. Ms Pursey, I am truly blessed to have you in my life, and it feels like I've known you forever! Luffs you muchly.

    Oh and coffee would sound like James Earl Jones :) xxx

  2. Hi, just wondering about your cake? Looks like a decent portion for 4 syns, what us it?

    Doug is gorgeous by the way! I'm not allowed a pug but do have a Czech wolfdog who is wonderful, one day I will convince my boyfriend that we need Frank the pug in our lives!

    1. hey hun the cake recipe is on sundays blog xx its well worth making :D

      My friend has a pug and a husky dog and they work so well together xx you do need a pug in your life ;)