Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Queen of Domesticity

I'm not sure what it is about me and Sunday's but I seem to have a an urge to cook on a Sunday. I got up just after 8 again silly brain does not agree that I am allowed a lie on the weekend it seems. Once I was up and Doug was sorted I got to work on breakfast straight away. After seeing Mitchy mention magic pancakes on her blog yesterday and realising how long it had been since I'd had them I decided to bring out the waffle maker and have some for breakfast.

I make the pancakes with 35g of oats soaked overnight in a yogurt then added some vanilla essence and 2 eggs. Once the waffle maker was heated up I put the mix in and waited. I served it with conveniently defrosted fruit and a weight watchers dessert yogurt. The juice from the defrosted fruit soaked into the waffles eventually which was yummy. 

Once this was nommed and I'd wrestled the bed monster to get Rich up I got to work on some domesticity in the form of making some minestrone soup or Mitchystrone soup in the slow cooker. Employed the trust lob stuff in method I added a bag of casserole mix, some beans chopped tomatoes and passata along with herbs and garlic. After a few hours I added some macaroni and let it cook for a bit longer. I managed to get 5 decent portions of it ready for the freezer. 

Once this had been done and I had a bit of a relax I got to work on some lunch, I decided on Jacket potato beans and cheese and in my spell of domesticity I decided to cook all the jacket spuds I had some in the freezer ready for when I want a quick lunch. I know you can get ones already made for the freezer but this are syn free so all good with me. 

I used two healthy extras of cheese in that beauty and it was gorgeous. Infact I'm going to have the same for lunch tomorrow at work. 

I got back to my weird baking obsession and got to work on a cake for pudding and some mini quiches

Okay work did involve reading a comic but I had to mix the cake mix for 10 minutes and I get bored easy :p the finished article was worth it though

The cake was really simple to make and the recipe is 

25g of flour
6 eggs
10 tbsp of sweetener
Vanilla essence
Options white chocolate

You mix the eggs and sweetener and essence together for 10 minutes until it has got much bigger and pale. You then fold in the flour and options and cook at 180 for 12 minutes.

The topping was quark mixed with sweetener and white choc options and chocolate buttons. 

The mini quiches were simple I just chucked in some mushrooms onions and courgettes into a pan, cooked some sweet potato and mixed up some eggs and cottage cheese and quorn ham. I cooked them for about 20 minutes.

More food ready for the freezer and for work this week. I even managed to do tomorrow night's dinner as it needed marinading. In amongst this cooking I have also had a wardrobe clear out and popped some stuff on ebay/facebook to sell. 

The day has gone by really quickly with all this productivity and before I knew it I was working on dinner. Unfortunately due to a quorn roast shortage I went for linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages with roastie pots and veg. The gravy is made with a knorr veg stock pot. 

For pudding we tried some of the cake and it went down really well

I did get a munchie attack about an hour ago and used my syns wisely or so I though on some special k cracker crisps

Sunday is a bit of a danger zone for me I tend to get the evil munchie craving monster and it did rear its ugly head...I wanted to facepalm more crisps or chocolate or cheese but decided instead to stick with a muller yogurt instead of losing control

Halo is still shiny and I'm looking forward to weigh in. Hope everyone had a good weekend xoxo


  1. Those waffles look fab!! How many syns in the waffles and cake please? xx

    1. None in the waffles using it as a HEB and the cake is 14 for the whole thing

    2. Thank you :) Will have to give them a try x

  2. mmm your waffles and cake look amazing, I've never heard of magic waffles before, time to invest in a waffle maker me thinks x