Monday, 20 May 2013

The Biggest Loser motivation

I have just finished the finale of The Biggest Loser USA and watched Olivia be crowned the biggest loser. I know the show is staged in some ways and there is a lot of styling done for the finale, they have the likes of the equal parts scary and awesome Jillian but it doesn't take away how amazing the transformations are. They wouldn't be where they were if it wasn't for determination. I felt very motivated after watching the show and a tad more determined than I have been of late. I know I can do this so whats stopping me except lazyness and the little devil on my shoulder. 

Apart from that today has not been the world's most exciting day. It's Monday therefore it meant I had work  but after work I went on the great quorn roast mission as recently I have been struggling to get it. I had emailed quorn over the weekend and they very kindly responded to say that whilst it was available all year round it is now a seasonal item. I wandered off to Sainsburys after work and managed to pick up 4 boxes so now have 5 in the freezer and I will go and get more over the weekend if I can clear some freezer space. I'm going to miss it when I finally run out. 

On to the normals of the day back to work means back to dorset fruit muesli nom nom I can never get bored of this gorgeous food

I got peckish mid morning as normal so I reached into my food bag and pulled out my grapes which were really sweet and tasty. It's been a bit hit and miss with grapes recently so it was nice to have some decent ones. 

The morning unfortunately dragged and it seemed to take ages to get to 1pm but finally it came around so I settled down for my normal lunchtime routine of food and reading. This time in the form of my kindle 

I had some more of my mini quiches and I plan on making some more on the weekend. I went a bit made on the salad but you can never have too much I guess. 

Thankfully the afternoon went by a bit quicker and my thoughts turned to what I fancied for dinner. After chatting away with Charlotte during the afternoon (honest I was working too) I decided it had to be sausage and mash and decided to treat myself to some real gravy. Charlotte recommended the bisto best one and during my trip round Sainsburys I found what I was looking for

The gravy is 1.5 syns per 100ml (made as directed). This term always confuses me so I read the instructions on the back of the jar and it said 4 heaped tsp with 280 ml of water. It was nice and thick and I only used the 100ml so it worked out well

The whole meal was 2 syns (as rich put a tsp of flora extra light in the mash and I like to round up) and had a nice amount of veg. I am quite hooked on the quorn low fat sausages (so quorn better not withdraw them otherwise Im going to be all kinds of mad...think bruce banner when he turns green and multiply it!). 

At this point I still had two healthy extras left and more syns if I fancied them but I decided to not have anymore syns and stuck with a snack of Ryvita and Laughing cow triangles. 

I feel nicely full now though not bloated full like I did over the weekend and I think my stomach is finally calming down! 

I am going to end the blog here as I have a date with the Winchesters and I cannot disappoint Dean ;) I will leave you all with a classic Doug picture from when he was a little baby and digger still had all his stuffing.


  1. I wondered why I couldn't find the Quorn roasts anymore! That's devastating! They taste better than the pieces in my opinion.
    How can a roast be seasonal? We're British, surely they're year round...

    1. I know they are so tasty x I wish they were year round its daft to make them seasonal

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