Friday, 10 May 2013

Insert obligatory yay it's friday comment

I have yet to discover the reason why a week containing a bank holiday feels like the longest week ever but boy was I glad that today was Friday. Today was a busy day with my desk getting fuller as the day went on. I was only complaining a couple of weeks ago that I had little to do and now I am on the verge of having too much. The advantage is it means the day goes quicker though next week will be pretty manic with a lot of training on Tuesday and only being in for three days due to a lovely day out planned to finally meet one of my closest friends and my surrogate big sister Mel x I then have Friday off as a day of doing nothing which is going to be much fun. I may even get through the pile of comics Rich has put on my bedside table (well chair....we need to start getting actual grown up furniture in our bedroom one day...though my chair does have Cyril the snake on it which is a whole other story).

So apart from work and a trek into town at lunch through what felt like a wind tunnel the day hasn't been hugely interesting pretty much a normal Friday. We have had our normal movie night this week with Rich's choice Mass Effect Paragon Lost which was good. Mass Effect is one of his favourite game series and the film was good though sad in the end :( the omni-blades look so cool its orange and has a computer in it. 

Food wise I am firmly on the big purple sparkly bus even the huge chocolate cake in the kitchen at work didn't sway looks gorgeous but isnt there a saying nothing tastes as good as skinny does. 

I started breakfast with good old dorset fruit muesli this time with grapes, kiwi and banana and a yogurt on top

Before I trekked into town I decided to have some of my lunch as I was getting hungry. 

This may just look like a sandwich but it was heaven! I spread four blue cheese laughing cow triangles on the bread instead of butter/flora and then added quorn ham and cucumber. It was simple but gorgeous.

Whilst I was in town I decided to grab some more fruit so I had something to snack on during the afternoon

I am positively saintly this week aren't I....

On the way home from work I popped into Asda for our weekly shop and stumbled across this whilst I was staring at the rice

Sometimes I just cannot be bothered to cook rice so I head for the microwave stuff but it can be high in syns (I know the batchelors savoury rice is free but again its a hassle sometimes). I checked the app to see what was the best and discovered this rice was syn free which made me happy. Simple things hehe

The key for dinner tonight was simple and quick so we decided on mayflower curry. For those who do not know you can get mayflower in places like home bargains and farmfoods and looks like this. 

I weigh our 28g of the powder (4 syns) and add around 100-200ml of water and then simmer. Tonight Rich had chicken whereas I had mushrooms, courgettes and onions

Look who appears at the end of my tray....he seems to always want my food the silly goof x

I changed my syns slightly today and had some special k crackers...I even weighed them out so I had exactly 23g for 4.5 syns

So thats Friday done and this girl needs some sleep soon....well sleep and a bit of viewing of the winchester brothers

Night night all xoxo

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