Saturday, 11 May 2013

Culture time

Today started earlier than I had planned with me waking up before 8 and not being able to get back to sleep so I decided I may as well get up. Doug appreciated this as the poor little man needed the toilet. The good thing was it meant I got to enjoy my amazing breakfast sooner than planned

On the lovely plate of Kitty is quorn bacon, two syn free quorn sausages (the new low fat ones which are so tasty) lots of shrooms, scrambled egg (with slightly too much herbage due to a slight slip but it was good) garlic and herb beans and tommy sauce. 

Once this and several cups of coffee was consumed and some telly box watched I decided that an hour in the bath with my book would be a good plan before we ventured out. It was a slightly unsuccessful bath as I didn't get the temperature right at first but once that was sorted I relaxed and enjoyed some quality book time. 

Whilst I was in the bath the postman delivered a parcel for me which contained a new shirt from the amazing

Doug helped model the shirt with some weird camera flare going on! 

Before I knew it I was thinking about lunch before we went out, I went with a weekend favourite of cheesy pasta

I added some courgettes and mushrooms and half a tub of low low. It was properly filling and good. It was then time to head out though the boys were protesting by relaxing on the sofa and not wanting to move.

This afternoon me and Rich got some culture in the form of Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty dubbed a gothic romance and a truly amazing ballet. I was completely transfixed by the ballet and it was truly beautiful.

The ballet also brought about a non scale victory. The stalls at Bristol Hippodrome are snug fitting seats with arm rests that the last time I sat in dug into me so much and caused a lot of pain. This time however my bottom fit comfortably in the seat and the arm rest didn't crush me. It made the whole experience even more enjoyable! It was a lovely couple of hours and I'd definitely recommend seeing a Matthew Bourne production!

We wandered home via Tesco who failed in stocking quorn roast so I had a bit of sad face :( we picked up a few bits I had forgotten yesterday despite having a list! We then headed home to relax and see master doug who was very happy to see us though he is now snoring!

Dinner was a bit of a team effort again with Rich doing some of the prep towards it and it was gorgeous 

The burger was amazing, it was two quorn burgers with a slice of quorn bacon in the middle and three slices of low low. I added some more tommy sauce (the tesco reduced salt and sugar one is a 0.5 for a tbsp). The beans were the heinz garlic and herb ones and they are really tasty. The meal was 2.5 syns in total but felt so naughty. 

I had a small sweet tooth that I wanted to satisfy and as I was perusing the cupboard I saw my box of chocolate all bran crunch which was 5 syns for 25g so I decided to have it with some yogurt and frozen cherries. It worked really well as a pudding and left me nicely satisfied.

I am still polishing my halo today and plan to keep on doing so! Sunday is my tricky day but I have some tasks to do tomorrow to keep me entertained and am going to make a low syn cake for a nice evening pudding. 

Finally hello to the lovely people reading my rambles feel free to say hello either on the blog or via facebook xx


  1. looks like you had a great day today karren and your food looks great doug looks lovley on the sofa he is so cute how old is he now x