Sunday, 19 May 2013

The big catchup

I have noticed I have been a bit slack with my blogging this week and haven''t blogged since Wednesday night. In my defense I was away Thursday and then the major tiredness/CBA's kicked in. So I am going to make it up to you all by blogging twice today so this one is a big catchup.


Thursday was a great day for me though not an on plan day. I went on a day trip to meet my friend Mel face to face for the first time. I have known Mel for around 4-5 years now and we have become very close friends. I think of her as my big sister and we finally decided we should meet up. I was a bit little kid excited for this as it's not something I'd have the confidence to do before hand and also I got to go on a train which is a rarity for me as I drive everywhere. I had decided food wise I was going to enjoy the day and have whatever I fancied if the mood took me.

A huge coffee is what I fancied and it was a skimmed milk sugar free vanilla latte and it went down a treat. The train turned up not long after this shot so I settled into my seat and also quite happily spread out as I didn't have anyone sitting by me 

My book my coffee and a cookie to keep me entertained on the journey. I also had my kindle in my bag as I knew I'd finish my book on the trip to London.

Once I got to London and met up with Mel it was as if this wasn't the first time we had met up. It goes to show just how close you can become to someone by chatting for years via text/email etc. We had decided to go to Westfield which for those who have not been there it is a huge shopping mall in Stratford and we decided to start with breakfast and coffee. Mel had mentioned gorgeous pancakes so we went off to find them. I was torn between savoury and sweet but when there is Nutella on the list of options I had to go with it (apologies for the food porn)

Once we had eaten this we went shopping interspersed with coffee breaks I won't bore you with all the shops we went into but the highlights were Prada (with contained the most gorgeous bag) the Dr Marten shop which was DM porn for me and I fell in love with two pairs of boots that I must buy. Me and Rich are planning a trip to London soonish so I best get saving ;). We did go into some very weird bizarre shops that apparently sell underwear but one was so dark I am not convinced that is wasn't just very expensive cheese wire. 

Unfortunately the day flew and it was nearly time for me to head back but before hand we went into Strada for dinner. We both opted for the same gorgeous pizza which had sweet onions, peppers, feta and mushrooms. It was yummy!

I headed back to Bristol after this happy after a great day out but also sad it came to an end so quickly it certainly won't be the last time I hang out with Mel though x

I did purchase some cute shoes and a wonder woman keyring and a vampire one


I got up much earlier than I would have wanted but that's because I had agreed to drop Rich into work. Once he was safely dropped off I headed off on a mission to find quorn roast. Those veggies or quorn fans out there may have noticed it has been hard to get hold of recently but luckily I tracked it down in Sainsburys and also topped up on the new low fat quorn sausages. I then poddled off to Asda too get the other bits we needed and headed home for breakfast.

I know this is Friday's omelette because it kinda fell apart but it was still tasty. I added mushrooms and courgettes and then my HE of cheese. 

Once I had nommed this I decided the order of the day was relaxing and chatting to Mitchy

Unfortunately as the day passed I began to feel a tad under the weather (I put this down to tiredness) so lunch was a lazy affair

More courgettes and mushrooms with some low low stirred in.

Rich finished work at 4 and we decided to go for a simple dinner to have during our movie. It was a bolagnaise pasta bake

After this (no photos taken though) I had a muller pudding pot and a shape delights pudding pot. 


I woke up after a long sleep I woke up around 10 which was a nice lie in, even Doug was in full on lazy mode. I wandered downstairs to make some breakfast and decided an omelette was something yum and low effort

A slightly more successful attempt again with mushrooms and courgettes but also added in some onion and my he of cheese.

Lunch was a bit of a simple affair but you cant go wrong with Jacket potato can you

Honest there is a potato under that mound of bolagnaise and cheese followed by some fruit and yogurt

 Whilst I nommed this me and Rich engaged in a tactical game of scribblenauts

It was good fun but as the afternoon descended I began to feel more and more blah which wasn't fully fixed by a bubble bath. This is the danger zone for those on slimming world and I succumbed to takeaway.
Bad idea as it made me feel even worse and my stomach was agony afterwards. I whiled away the evening watching Eurovision and texting and headed to bed slightly grumpy.

So thats everyone caught up, I will blog about today later on x

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