Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I thought of a really good title....then lost it

Bit of a quick blog tonight as not long got home from group and I am a tired little goth girl tonight. The good news is I lost another lb tonight taking my total to 3 stone 9 1/2lbs since I joined in January 2012. I have also just realised that makes it 3 weeks on a trot that I have lost which is good as I went through a bit of a yoyo period again. I now need 4 1/2 lbs to my four stone award so that's my focus over the next few weeks.

I picked up the new magazine tonight so I am going to have a read through that this week and see if I can pick up any new tips and tweak the recipes to fit into the green plan.

Food wise I have had another good day on plan and still on the abandoning treat night mission which is working really well. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything and I hope this mindset continues. On top of that I don't wake up Thursday morning feeling bloated and sick. 

I will start with breakfast which whilst it was the normal Dorset fruit the added berries were a bit disappointing as they were  bit on the sour side. 

The mid morning munchies attacked so I reached for the fruit and had a yummy nana...much better than yesterdays as it is riper 

After the freezing temperatures in work yesterday I was smart today and opted for soup to ensure that hypothermia didn't set in...okay that's an exaggeration but it was really cold.

I also had my plum tomatoes to snack on which made a nice change from more fruit though I did nom my apple which was tasty. 

I pretty much had 20 minutes when I got back from picking Rich up so I got dinner prepped and left him instructions on when to put it on and. You will notice the lack of superfree tonight but I just couldn't be bothered with it. I was inspired by the lovely WLB's blog and decided to have the quorn southern chicken burgers. The whole meal was syn heavy as it cost me 8 but it was a nice meal plus an A and B.

I went up to 13 syns today which is a rarity for me but I did fancy a chocolate pudding afterwards

So all in all a good day, going to make a few changes this week to see if it boosts my losses and shock horror one may be cutting down on the cheese but as a B choice and experimenting with the other healthy extras. I have also restarted my graze boxes as fancied a bit of a change.

So thats it for tonight and for his fans I will leave you another Doug shaped treat. This picture was taken on Christmas day

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