Sunday, 26 May 2013

Missing days and the long weekend

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for the past few days, it was my intention to blog last night but I was too tired by the time I had finished watching a movie. No real reason for not blogging I have just not been feeling 100% but to make up with it I will do a blog for yesterday and then blog again later.

A rarity has occurred on this bank holiday weekend and the sun is in the sky. I'm not a huge fan of the sun and being hot as it can be really uncomfortable when your larger so I haven't been out basking in it. Plus I am known as the Vampire when it comes to the sun ;) I did however go out with Doug on a longer than normal walk which we both enjoyed

The rest of the day was very lazy, after this week at work I felt the need to do nothing all weekend so I spent most of it either reading or catching up on TV. The only other notable event was going to the library to take back some slightly overdue books and getting landed with a £120 fine....needless to say I am querying that!

Food wise I didn't have a bad day
Mushroom and courgette omelette which he of cheese

Orzo mixed with half tub of low low and mushrooms, onions and courgettes my current favourite vegetables incase you had not noticed ;)

I followed this up with fruit and yogurt

For dinner I made a lasagne with quorn mince, lots of veggies and topped it with a mix of quark, cottage cheese and an egg

In the glass is tesco light cranberry juice which is free and actually pretty nice. 

For pudding I had an asda chocolate mousse which is only 3.5 syns and very yummy

Afterwards I decided to try the yogurt and option sweets everyone had been raving about, they were nice like this mousses but next time I will freeze them for longer. They are just a yogurt and an options mixed together and put into the freezer in moulds. I froze mine for 45 minutes and they were quite soft as you can see...presentation score 0 me thinks

Thats yesterday done and dusted so I will speak to you all later x

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