Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's a new dawn its a new day...

and I'm not feeling too bad! Sorry I have been absent recently it's not been an easy time for me and I let the rot sink in food wise too. I certainly had a f it attitude last week but I made the decision that it had to end so I plodded off to weigh in last night to face the scales and see what the damage was. 

After a week virtually off plan I put on 4lbs....not as bad as I feared but now I knew the damage I could draw a line under it and have a fresh start this morning. The reasons behind my fall from grace are still there but I am good at imagining the crossbow charlotte suggested or being a sparkly purple unicorn superhero as suggested by Mitchy. Between those two lovely ladies and Jen I have begun to feel like myself again.

This week the focus isn't going to be so much pulling a big number on the scale but seeing any loss and getting refocused on the plan.

I have been planning plans today and in two weeks I am off to London to meet a very dear friend Mel and I cannot wait. It's going to be an awesome day out. Me and Rich are going to enjoy the long weekend and of on a date day Saturday which includes shopping, the comic book shop  new hair and dinner. It will be nice to go out and spend the day having fun. The rest of the weekend is likely to be mainly relaxing with master doug.

Food wise today I've been on plan with the exception of lunch which was a team lunch so I made the best choice I could. I will start with breakfast. First prize to those who can guess what I had??

Good old dorset fruit muesli with some strawberries and blueberries. I topped it with a WW dessert yogurt and it was gorgeous.

Lunch was a mozerella and tomato salad

It was very tasty though a bit oily...the mozzarella was gorgeous though and I was happy with my choice considering there was yummy garlic bread on offer. When I got back to my desk I opted for some fruit to get me through the afternoon

The afternoon flew by in a wave of files and reports....I don't like reports they confuddle me hehe. Once work was done and me and Rich got home I took Doug out for a stroll and then got cracking on dinner. We decided to try out the deluxe macaroni and cheese on the slimming world website and it went down well.

All in all not a shabby day for me and it felt nice to eat good fresh food and cooking. 

For those who are missing him here is Doug as a baby


  1. Yay for getting through another day my beautiful unicorn superhero!

    Love ya xxx

  2. thanks my lovely amazeballs mitchy xxx love ya too xoxo