Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Weigh in and abandoning treat night....

Now any regular readers to this blog will know that I have treated weigh in night as a black hole and eaten whatever I wanted as a reward for losing weight or to drown my sorrows when I gained. The problem with this is where does the 'treat' end and the plan begin. Recently I have been off the wagon and one of the things that hasn't helped is the mentality of having a treat. I didn't get into this condition by overeating on salad but by gorging on junk so by rewarding myself with the same junk that got me to morbidly obese surely I am still in the same vicious loop. Yes the weight has been coming off but mentally has this idea of 'treat night' damaged me. I actually think it has and I now want to change my association with treats. I decided to do what the plan says once I stepped off those scales I stepped into my new week of weight loss.

This mental mindset change I hope will benefit me in the coming weeks as recently I have struggled. There are many reasons behind it but it is important moving forward that I focus on the plan and staying in control.

Wednesday for me is weigh in day and I walked into group fully expecting a large gain. I deserved a gain but the scales showed a 0.5lb loss. I was very shocked but maybe I hadn't sabotaged myself as much as I thought I had or maybe it was just one of those weeks on the scales but I will not let this loss go to waste hence the jumping on the post weigh in wagon.

Today has been the most annoying day, we had a report to do at work but there was issues with it and we didn't get the answer until late on i the day which meant staying behind. I dislike reports with a passion and this didn't help. Needless to say I was a tad stressed when I got home and had to run about doing things before heading off to group. 

I am polishing my halo with food today and being on plan is actually really enjoyable. Breakfast was not normal for me as I didn't have Dorset fruit muesli....I know I did just write that!

I had rice pudding with mixed berries, yogurt and a banana mixed in. It was gorgeous and the rice pudding was really creamy this time for some reason. 

I had a bit of the munchies attack mid morning and decided to grab some fruit from my stockpile I had taken into work

I had planned to meet some friends for lunch today so I decided to have some of my lunch before I went

In the sandwich was quorn ham and cucumber and 2 tsp of flora extra light (0.5 per tsp). It was a scrummy sandwich and I should make sandwiches more I think. Maybe next time I'll make a 'ham' and cheese one nom nom.

Once I got back from hanging out with my friends I munched my way through more fruit

You will notice the coffee in the background and I saw this sign in the coffee shop which is appropriate

Once I got home from weigh in tonight I indulged in one of my favorite meals cheesy pasta. I cooked off some mushrooms and courgettes and then added in some orzo and an entire tub of low low (love having two healthy extras left)

It was almost risottoey and I love using orzo. You really cannot beat cheesy pasta

Whilst I've multitasking by writing this blog, chatting to Mitchy and Charlotte and watching  TV I have had some sweet noms

I really do like the muller light desserts they are very tasty.

It's nearly time for me to head to bed once I have indulged in more chocolate...but this time in the shape of Choccywoccydoodah!

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  1. Yay for staying on that wagon on Weigh In night. Good old SuperGlue xx