Monday, 29 April 2013


I am not sure where to start or what to write tonight. I decided I should get myself back blogging and see if it helps my mood right now. I've not been having the best of times and been feeling unlike myself for a bit now. I won't bore you all with the in's and out's of whats going on but I have been very lucky in the past week to have my lovely Rich who has been putting a smile on my face and my lovely friends Jen, Suzy, Mitchy and Charlotte who have been doing their best to pull me out of this place. Special mention too to WLB who gave me some wonderful advice and the other lovely people in my life who are there no matter what.

It's times like this when the support you get from people is invaluable and I count myself as a very lucky girl right now. Unfortunately the plan has gone to the pits this week but I am trying to pull myself back on again. As much as I don't want to deal with the gain on Wednesday I need to go to group see the results and draw the line under the bad week. It's going to be very hard though but in reality I need to get back into the swing of things.

I probably won't blog again until Wednesday but big thanks to those who have messaged me and ask if I am okay it's been lovely knowing people care.

And just as a treat here is Doug being cute


  1. I'm sorry things aren't so good at the moment, hopefully things improve soon. Good luck for Wednesday,best to get it out of the way so you can draw a line and move on from it.

  2. karen hope you feel better in yourself soon sweetie be positive and i hope wednesday goes well and any weight gain or a stay the same take a deep breath and say come on girl a knew day lets get going . i am sending you a big hug and positive fibes are coming to you too XX DOUG looks great and always make me smile . look after yourself karen x

  3. thanks guys xx your support means a lot and I will get back on the wagon xx

  4. Sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. I rather enjoy your dog-on-a-trampoline picture, though :)

  5. One day at a time sweetie. Don't beat yourself up, look after yourself and be kind to yourself. I luffs you millions xxxx

  6. hope you are ok my lovely. take care. xxx