Saturday, 6 April 2013

Clumsy girl

Do you ever have one of those days where getting out of bed was a bad idea. Okay so even bed was a bad idea for me this morning. I woke up with the lovely Doug snuggled up to me and realised that my legs were hurting. I had bad pins and needles which meant I had to stay put for a bit. I think I got up a bit too early though as on my way downstairs I managed to fall down them and unfortunately my bottom isn't as padded as it used to be. Needless to say I was a bit sore. I planned to do very little today except some washing however I managed to hit my head on the cupboard whilst getting the powder out. I felt a bit disaster prone by this point unfortunately I then managed to smack my hand on the door frame (how I don't know!). At this point the decision was made that unless I had too I would not be moving from the sofa as I was clearly a danger to myself!

I am very pleased to say that I have had another day on plan

I am really shining my halo right now and feel very in control. I am hopeful that this controlled feeling will last through tomorrow and hopefully the tricky Sunday night won't cause me problems. I always seem to have a few issues on a Sunday night the munchies attack. 

Okay onto the food of the day once I had got over falling on my arse I got to work on some breakfast

Inside the sandwich is one laughing cow triangle light (1.5 syns) with two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages and mushrooms. It was gorgeous and I may have to have it again tomorrow!

For lunch I decided to try one of the high veg pasta and sauces, my verdict they were okay but I still prefer good old broccoli and cheese. I added extra mushrooms and courgettes and half a tub of low low

Got to love cheesy pasta. I fancied something sweet after this and my exact words were I fancy an apple. Slightly odd behavior being exhibited by me today I blame the multiple injuries.

If you have not tried the weight watchers dessert yogurts I would really recommend them (n.b they are not suitable for vegetarians). 

I spent most of the afternoon reading my book and watching soccer saturday (yay Arsenal) and threatening to smash our smoke alarm which had been beeping for far too long (cue video moment)

We established it was hard wired and realised we didn't know where the mains were so I investigated. I eventually found the fuse box we disconnected it and then changed the battery backup. Ahhh peace.

Rich was playing Portal 2 online with his mate so I settled down to watch The Walking Dead (still have a few episodes to watch) and discussed with him when was best for dinner. We decided I'd go ahead and have mine when I was hungry and he would sort his out later. I had made us individual lasagne's so I popped mine in the oven to cook.

The insides are made with quorn mince and lots of veggies and the white sauce is made with cottage cheese, quark and an egg. I added my he of cheese and then added another 12g for 2 syns as fancied a cheesy topping. It was gorgeous I definitely think the magic ingredient is Knorr Vegetable stock pots!

Once this was done it was time for a movie and the lovely amazing film 4 are currently showing every Studio Ghibli film so I went for Howls Moving Castle which was fabulous. I decided to treat myself to a yummy pudding whilst I was watching this and after a bit of researching through some docs I went for syn free pancakes with chocolate philli on top

The pancakes are dead simple to make, you take 3 eggs and separate them. You whisk the whites with 3 tbsp of sweetener. Once this has increased in size you add the egg yolks and vanilla essence (or in my case hazelnut coffee syrup as we had no essence). They were really tasty I chopped up some apple for the inside and then melted the chocolate philli for a few seconds. This is a gorgeous pudding and I will definitely be making it again....maybe tomorrow if Rich fancies them too.

Anyway its nearly time for me to head to bed, I am going to watch Match of the day then hit the hay and try tomorrow to not injure myself in anyway....

Night night everyone xoxo

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