Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We scream, We shout

We are the fallen angels....(wonder if anyone reading will know the band and song)

Or in my case we are bad bloggers and bus sitter oners. No blog last night from me as I had a major case of the can'tbearsedtodoanythingsogoingtoeattakeawayinstead ism's. Yes I decided last night to fall of the bus and have takeaway. I have been on plan all week and was on plan up until I got home last night and then it went to pot. I hate Monday's I always feel more tired than normal and was feeling just generally blah so my motivation to cook what I had planned exitted stage left. Now the important lesson here is whether you stay at the bus stop or you get back on the next bus coming fast up behind (or in the case of many of my friends who have to endure our lovely bus service the next three). Whether this will effect my good week and the scales tomorrow I'll find out but I'm glued to the bus again. Tonight was a tough one though as I am even more tired but Rich has assisted me with dinner an it's a favourite so it's plain awesome and tasty.

Anyway enough ramble onto how my food day turned out

Breakfast was back to an old fave dorset fruit muesli with berries and a yogurt. If you haven't tried this cereal yet I urge you to do so!

I got the mid morning munchies today (okay I tend to get these most days at the moment)

As you can see there is coffee in the equation, I do like my a cup of coffee...or 10! 

Lunch came around nice and quick and I decided to try out the celery soup a lot of people have raved about

It's really simple to make, its a pack of celery, one potato one onion and veg stock. I bunged it into my soup maker and I have to admit it's not too bad. The only addition next time is I think it needs more seasoning and garlic. I had this with a salad which you can see in the background. I tend to eat a fair amount for lunch so once this was nommed I decided on some fruit and taking advantage of the fruit at work I decided to branch out and have a pear which is a fruit I've not had for way too long. Not sure why either as they are great

So as I said earlier in the blog I was having a issue with motivation tonight but me and Rich knocked up some cheesy pasta which was gorgeous

I added mushrooms, courgettes and onions along with a whole tub of low low. I added the sausages too and I love the Linda McCartney sausages they are so nice major stock up on them needed.

I finished this off with a bit of a sweet treat in the shape of 7 syns worth of mikado and a WW dessert yogurt. Despite my slight blip I am hoping for a loss tomorrow night

I will end the blog here with one final treat for his fans

Night night all xoxo

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  1. Love reading your blog :)

    Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels love it :)