Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenge set.....and accepted

So this morning I was still feeling a bit down in the dumps about the scales last night and had been over analyzing my week. In the end I didn't reach much of a conclusion but I got a text from Charlotte setting me a challenge. The challenge was the 777 challenge, 7 syns, 7 glasses of water and 7 s or ss food. I accepted the challenge once we clarified it a bit more and thought I'd find it easy. I must admit so far so good, I drink a lot of water anyway (at least 4 litres per day) and have a lot of fruit and veg but it has made me think about what I was eating during the day.

I actually had a relatively busy day at work today learning more stuff on the system and generally getting my head around how things work. I also met up with two old friends today and it was nice seeing them as it had been far too long! It was also lovely to be complimented on my weight loss I never get tired of it and it was the boost I needed today. 

Whilst discussing positive stuff Rich tempted me with a takeaway curry tonight but I was a little angel and said I was going to cook my own dinner. *Beams with pride*.

Now onto the food and I hope you are all sitting down because what you are about to see will shock you to the core

I actually had a different breakfast! I had 35g of all bran chocolate crunch with kiwi and a yogurt. Of course coffee featured and my first pint of water too. Hope the shock of this isn't too much for you all ;) I had to break up the routine a bit hehe.

I got peckish mid morning and decided to have a nice sf snack

Yes more coffee and more water too! I had a bit of an earlier lunch today as I wanted to eat before I met up with my friends so I ate whilst I worked. It was a bit of a mishmash of food due to lack of organisation last night

I had finished my coffee by this point, I had leftover pasta salad with added cucumber and carrots along with 3 babybels and beetroot on the side. When 1pm hit I went out to meet my friends for an hour.

Once I got back to my desk I finished of my lunch by having some more fruit

More water and coffee too yay and for those who look closely you can see puppy Doug in the background at his puppy school graduation. 

I met Rich after work and we marched back to the car whilst discussing all sorts of random things as is the norm with us. We got home to be greeted by a happy Doug and we went out for a fun walk. Doug met lots of other dogs tonight which he loved and I did too as I adore dogs. 

As I have already said I managed to avoid the takeaway and instead had this invention

I cubed some sweet potato and cooked them until soft. In another pan I cooked off onions, chopped tomatoes, garlic, peppers,  mushrooms and cubed carrots. Once the sweet potato was cooked I mixed it into the tomato sauce and then topped with cheese and baked. It was an experiment that worked really well and was gorgeous! 

I fancied something sweet afterwards so used my 7 syns well by having 14 mikado

I am going to end the blog here for the day and leave you with this as I know he has his fans

This is Doug when he was 10 weeks old with his toy pig. 

Night night all xoxo


  1. arh doug is such a cutie just want to give him a cuddle and well done for doing the challenge hope you can stick to it all week , im trying some red days this week with some green thrown in as well someone on facebook did red days for a week and lost seven pounds so thought i would try some red and 2 green days i must admitt i have not snacked so much syn wise so hoping to have at least a two pound loss this week x ps i might give the 777 challenge ago will have to see how you get on with it first x

  2. thanks hun x its a bit different for me to do challenge and it will be interesting to see how the scales look next wednesday