Monday, 1 April 2013

Crashing the wagon

The regular follows of this blog will realise there was no update from me yesterday. I had a bad day on the plan which will now be known as the F it day where I completely forgot I was on plan. I started with good intentions had a nice SW friendly fry up for breakfast and cheesy pasta for lunch but just couldn't stop eating crisps and chocolate. In the end my lovely Jen saved me by suggesting I met up with her for a walk/cycle. We covered a fair few miles and whilst it was freezing outside it was good fun. I was hoping that this would break the cycle however I came home and decided that the only thing I wanted was takeaway. 

When I got up this morning I decided enough was enough, it's not been easy and there has been some times where I fancied gorging on junk but I did my best today to ensure I was on the wagon. I have managed several litres of water and green tea too. Trying to flush my system a bit. 

I got up just after 10am this morning and I had originally planned to make a sweet omelette stuffed with fruit but in the end just went for fruit and natural yogurt.

Good start to the day and once I had eaten this I decided to put some minestrone in the slow cooker. The recipe features on a previous blog and it makes tons. 

I decided to have some minestrone for lunch with some ryvita crackerbread and laughing cow cheese washed down with a mug of green tea.

I settled down to an afternoon of not doing much when Jen texted me and said she was going for a bike ride so I decided to join her and take Doug for a big walk. We covered 2.3 miles despite how stupidly cold it was!

Once I got home I decided that a warm bath and rice pudding was needed so I filled up the slow cooker then headed to settle down for a warm bath with my book. 

Dinner was relatively easy tonight but good and on plan

I had two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages with broccoli cheese (using low low) mash veg and gravy made from a veg stock pot. It was nice to have an on plan meal and the low low on broccoli was gorgeous.

I finished up my day with rice pudding and banana. I did put a bit of golden syrup on top and it went down well.

I'm back to work tomorrow and hopefully will remain on plan until weigh in now

Night night all xoxo


  1. You are doing so well and I love Dougs head popping up in one of the photos.
    I am going to add a Slimming World page to my blog for when I start. I think keeping track will really help me. I am so glad I have you as a friend as you are so encouraging and will really support me :D
    Keep up the excellent work my lovely.

    Hugs Lisa xxxxx

  2. aww thanks sweetie thats such a sweet comment xx im happy to have you as a friend too xoxo

  3. You can do it! We all have off days but we are all here for you x

  4. that's hardly hugely crashing the wagon, its more like a wheel spin, chin up TOK xx

  5. thanks gill xx thanks flumpers xx

  6. hi karen you are doing so well and we all have are down days when we need that bit extra , i have these days every now and then and i am convinced its my body telling me i need it and then next day im back to normal . at least you have got back on plan and you have recognised it before it gets out of hand . you have come so far and be proud of yourself girl a blip every now and then does not matter we know you will be good all week you better be we are all watching you on here (your blog) lol xx

  7. If my internet had not crashed yesterday I would have replied to you then. I don't think you did so much damage really..The most impressive part for me, is how you just put it behind you and had some lovely food. I will definitely be copying the Sausage dinner, that looks fab! Seems Doug and my Molly are simliar characters, they seem to manage to appear at photo call time! x

  8. thanks carol and julie I am definitely trying really hard to stay on the wagon and feeling a tad better today xxx carol doug definitely likes his photo ops hehe

  9. Nice to know its not just me who drops the ball or balls now and again lol I have had a couple of weeks where i have lost it big time. Think its cause im bored lost eight stone put half a stone back on and its not going anywhere at the mo. Have picked myself up given myself a talking too and hopefully getting back on track. Chin up and once your back at work and in your normal routine you will be fine, keep up the good work and the great blog. p.s i love doug :0)

  10. thanks bean xx i will pass on the doug love to him when he has stopped snoring

    normality has definitely helped today it has made me more focused and less inclined to snack on junk x you can do it too hun take each meal at a time xx