Thursday, 11 April 2013

It's Thursday!

Has anyone noticed how quick this year is going by? I can't believe its the middle of April already! Saying that I am looking forward to the weekend as I am knackered particularly today as I did my normal rush home from work sort Doug out then get Rich. I am definitely working the wonder woman speed factor (cue picture of my mug with coffee).

Today was quite a full day at work,  am getting a few more files each day and I had health and safety training. Anyone who has had this training may be aware of the fun videos that you get to was ultimate cheese but at least I know how not to hurt myself more than I normally do. When I got back to my desk it was lunchtime and then I had a busy afternoon of learning stuff and helping close some files down. It's been a really good task as it has meant that I got used to the system a bit more.

Now apologies for the first food picture of the day you may get a bit of deja vu but I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast this morning so I am rehashing one from a few days ago as I had the same yet again this morning

I know this is a few days old as I've finished The Host but everything else remained the same!

Lunch was mitchystrone soup (see mitchy i rebranded it haha)

I kept dipping my babybel into it which was so nommy, the banana was gorgeous but the plum was a bit disappointing. It kept me going for the afternoon.

Once we got home and took a breather I got to work on dinner which was an odd mix but gorgeous.

I cooked off two quorn fillets and cut them up, I added them to cooked mushrooms onions peppers and courgettes. I then mixed in a sauce made of four blue cheese laughing cow triangles one plain one and some veg stock. It was really good and cheesy. The rice was 2 syns so the whole meal was 3.5 syns and it was so good!

I am loving this being on the wagon I finished up with something yummy and sweet in the shape of 13 mikado

Look who has appeared to say hello, he was being a good boy and guarding my mikado from the chocolate thief. 

Tomorrow night there may be no blog as I am going out with some lovely friends to Zaza Bazaar. It will be a flexi meal but until I go I will be on plan and then back on it the next morning. I am going to try and remember to take pictures of my food I eat. It's an all you can eat buffet which can be fun. It's also dangerous for those of us on slimming world as all you can eat may not work with food optimising but I will definitely be trying my hardest. 

It's nearly time for me to head to bed once I have finished watching this weeks The Biggest Loser. Night night all xoxo

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  1. I approve of Mitchystrone soup :)
    Doug is also looking super cute! x