Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday funday

No you have not entered the twilight zone those two words are in the same sentence but I don't have a reason to dislike Monday's too much at the moment okay so it's still tough to get out of bed in the mornings but I don't feel dread at the moment so it's all good.

In other exciting news I got my first case today and it was frustrating and challenging but I am hoping that it will all click into place.

I also am still planted on the wagon and refuse to move! I want a good loss this week and hope the scales like me.

On to the usuals breakfast will come of no surprise but the difference today is I came in to a nice cup of coffee on my desk ready for me. The lad who made it even left out the milk so I could add my own

Good old dorset fruit muesli

Lunch was a pasta salad I had prepped yesterday with my coleslaw and salad bits.

I added quorn roast and my he of cheese, it was gorgeous and I followed it up with fruit. I am loving the fruit deliveries at work.

I finished work at 5 and had a bit of a manic hour getting home to walk Doug then back out to pick up Rich. I felt a bit like Supergirl today managing to achieve it all in an hour.

For dinner I made the gorgeous sweet and sour with quorn nuggets but this time I used some frozen stir fry mix from Asda and it worked really well. What impressed me the most was how good it looked

N.B this was before cooking. At £1.11 for a bag you can't go wrong.

The finished product features guess who....

Honestly we do feed him twice a day but clearly the human food is better! Excuse the mess on the floor Doug had a fight with his toy and decided to kill it.

I have spent most of the evening chatting with friends and reading an interesting thread about the expenses of slimming world. Unfortunately it was full of excuses why things don't work but in reality you can live on a budget and follow the plan. My lovely Mitchy manages it, I manage it and I know others who do too. The key is planning and shopping around. It's not easy but it can be done.

I had a further healthy A to use today so decided on warm milk and a chocolate straw along with 10 mikado's to finish up the day. It was gorgeous and I think I am going to investigate low syn cookies so I can enjoy cookies and milk.

On that not I am going to wrap the blog up and head to bed as my book is screaming for attention. 

Night night all xoxo


  1. I wonder which thread you were reading..... ;-) xx

  2. I thought that too!
    I am seriously thinking that the person does not want to do it, or is just plain bored so fills their time on the SW site or even may be a troll.
    Even I don't have that many excuses! ;)
    Well done for having a good Monday. :)

  3. Can I get on the bus please xx

  4. haha zoe it was kinda obvious ;) it really got on my nerves last night I did our weekly shop for £34 and I work my butt off as does my other half and friends we'd love that sort of food bill. B it was a lot of excuses and I think you may be right on the first one or just wants someone to do it all for them x

    Gill hope on hunni xx