Friday, 19 April 2013

Feeling the Friday love

I do love Friday's, the start of the weekend and the chance to spend some quality time with my two boys. It's a bit of a sunny day too so we had our back door open to let the lovely fresh air in...unfortunately we also had a visit from the neighbours cat. She is a cutey but she is not a huge fan of poor Doug. The following image is the stalemate between them in our garden

Doug never tends to win these battles poor thing!

Apart from this not much has happened today, I had a relatively busy day at work getting more cases each day and learning more stuff. I prefer being busy at work. I also had the company of Mitchy at the end of email which always makes the day go better. As normal our chats were varied and interesting with plans afoot for July.

Food wise I continued with the challenge today of 7 glasses of water, 7 s or ss food and 7 syns. I actually lost count of the water after the 8th or 9th pint. Breakfast was another change for me...I am getting good at mixing up my breakfast even if it has only been the last two days.

Porridge mixed in with yogurt and kiwi fruit. I soak the porridge overnight to make it go all puffy. It actually did a good job of keeping me relatively full during the morning but I did get the munchies just before midday and had my banana.

Lunch I had a portion of Mitchystrone soup and fruit

The soup is great and filling and packed full of superfree. I need to make more of it soon as my batches are running low.

The afternoon flew by and when I got home I was tired so lazy dinner was called for and it had to be cheesy pasta. Unfortunately I had failed to check how much pasta we had in so whilst Rich had real pasta I had pasta n sauce with extra veggies. I stirred in half a tub of low low and then put some grated cheese on top and baked until it was extra nommy

Me and Rich settled down to watch the Sarah Millican live dvd 

whilst Doug killed another toy....

Thats me done for the evening I may head of to bed soon with my book...I'm so metal!!

Night night all xoxo

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