Thursday, 4 April 2013

The big purple bus rolls into town

Firstly thank you to everyone who comments either on Facebook or the blog last night it meant a lot to me knowing I am not alone and that there are people in the same position. Between us we can support each other and keep on the big shiny purple bus!

I woke up feeling absolutely knackered for some reason, I think I am adjusting to the change in hours and everything being later now. I am definitely enjoying my new job and the team are so lovely. I did a few different things today and got used to the system a bit more. I also managed to do a few phonecalls out which was nice and easy.

Breakfast will not surprise regular readers of the blog

Dorset fruit muesli with mixed berries and a weight watchers yogurt. 

At lunch I met up with my lovely Jen and we went to a local bar for food. We went for a simple jacket potato and we were very specific what we wanted to we could ensure we were on the wagon. The chef was lovely and we got this

He separated the beans and cheese for us so we could add what we wanted. 

Unfortunately we didn't have scales so had to slightly guess what 30g of cheese was so we went for a small amount. It was really nice to just hang out and chat.

The munchies did hit mid afternoon but for fruit...go me

First of I had my banana with a mug of green tea and then followed it up with a plum.

Once we got home from work and defrosted I got to work on dinner and for fans of Doug you will be happy with this next shot

As normal he was after my dinner! It was really simple just a pasta bake with asda meatless meatballs, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic chopped tomatoes and passata. I then topped it with my HE of cheese. 

I had a pudding tonight that felt so naughty but wasn't

The pink and white was melted for 30 seconds in the microwave then covered in melted chocolate philli and I had two mikado too. They were more upright but one got tired.

So far so good for me, nice day on the wagon and now I plan to relax in front of the tv for a little bit then head to bed.

Night night all xoxo


  1. well done karen - especially for asking the chef to seperate your food. your food looks yummy today.

  2. Lol I always love the expression on Doug's face in your pics xx