Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Twas the night before weigh in....

....and I feeling rather nervous. I always do when I have been 100% on plan. I    trust the plan so hopefully tomorrow night I will be reporting a nice loss. 

Now whilst I remember me and my lovely wonderful Lisa have created a group on facebook (Lisa did all the creating I just smile and click accept on stuff as I'm not technical) its predominantly for bloggers to pop their blogs up but feel free to pop along and join us on the journey into slinkiness. Add your own story ask for support/advice or just a hug if you need it. It's a closed group so it will be private https://www.facebook.com/groups/332114393578128/

Work was good today I got another case yay me which was good. I am happy to be getting work I am a bit of a keen bean sometimes. 

Okay food wise lets play lets guess what Karen had for breakfast this morning....

I actually think I'm in love with dorset fruit muesli, its so tasty and whilst I have other options this is always my go to cereal for work. I was in work nice and early due to park so had time to eat this and read my book. 

Lunch seemed to come by really slowly today which was annoying :( I was completely starving by lunch time so I got my salad out the minute 1 hit

The salad was really tasty and I had my fruit too. I really do love the fruit deliveries at work its better for snacking!

I did my usual supergirl stunt after work and managed to get back to pick Rich up when he finished. Once we got home I got to work on dinner taking advantage of weight watchers pitta's being a heb now

Unfortunately the cheese thief struck so we chopped up babybels for the cheese topping and it turned out pretty good. I have been a superfree freak this week so had my big salad too. The topping on the pitta pizza was courgettes and mushrooms. 

Whilst this was cooking I got super organised and prepped my breakfast and lunch tomorrow. This meant I could sit down and do little once dinner was done.

I have dedicated my evening to watching The Vampire Diaries which has been nice and productive though the main female annoys me way too much! Whilst watching this and working on my blog I had the rest of my hea of milk that was left over from the day with a chocolate straw and mikado

So thats my day on plan and feeling good, it has been a challenge this week in the sense of staying in control but it will be worth it tomorrow. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that the scales like me.

On one final note I am aware that there is a fan club for this little man however unfortunately he was not drooling over my plate today so I found a cute picture just for those who like to see him

Night night all xoxo


  1. hi karen was in sainsbury today and they have the dorset cereal musli 3 different types on offer at a pound a box thought i let you know as i know you like these julie x

  2. thanks hun may have to pop there on the weekend as I understand that they have the syn free quorn sausages too xx