Saturday, 20 April 2013

Full on laze mode

For some reason despite doing very little today I am knackered! This could be a result of being woken up far too early too. The most active thing I've done today was go food shopping which wasn't as traumatic as last week's experience though I did join a till that had a chatter on it. Lovely lady but I just wanted to do my shopping and get home not discuss the merits of what I had brought. Haha I sound like a right grumpuss today don't I. Honestly I'm not that grumpy ;)

Rich got up pretty early this morning and was excited as he was waiting for the Postman to bring his new game. It came just before lunchtime and from the glances I've had it looks awesome and he seems to be enjoying it. He went for the special addition so we have a new item in our house now

Isn't it awesome! It now has pride of place by the TV. 

I continued with the 777 challenge today and had another successful day on plan. I am polishing my halo this week. I also had different things instead of my normal lazy weekend food.

Breakfast was originally going to be an omelette but I changed my mind before I got cooking and had savoury pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, onions and peppers

I also mixed in my HE of cheese and it was gorgeous. The pancakes had garlic powder and mixed herbs in them.

I fancied cauliflower pizza for lunch and ended up making enough for lunch one day next week which is always good.

It's really simple to make you grate the cauli (or chuck it into a food processor) then mix in an egg and half he of cheese. You flatten the base into the dish and bake for about 20 minutes till its set. You then add your toppings and put it back in. I actually used two HE's on this one as I planned to save some.

I had a productive afternoon of watching soccer saturday and finishing up my book before setting about filling in paperwork and sorting forms out that I had neglected. Now I just need to remember to post them. Rich continued gaming and Doug relaxed

Earlier on in the day I had seen a recipe for syn free taco shells and had originally planned to give them a go but lazyitus kicked and I decided to use my syns on the old el paso ones at 3.5 each and they were worth it. 

I will definitely be splashing out on them again. They did mean my syns were spent so I opted for a syn free pudding.

The syn free pancakes are fantastic and I added some berries and yogurt because i do like my superfree at the moment.

I have spent most of the evening watching a Studio Ghibli film and chatting to Mitchy. Our chats always make me smile as we can be very random and this is just an insight into the world of us

It is kinda an extreme kind of awesome that you can use stickers on facebook messenger now and so we had to play with them!

And on that note I will end the blog here as I think bed is going to be dragging me upstairs soon. Night night all xoxo

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