Friday, 5 April 2013

It's all in control

I am feeling quite chuffed with myself right now as I am still on the wagon and feeling back in control. It does get easier as the days go on to stay focused on the plan and I am hoping now its the weekend I want fall apart.

I am glad it's Friday, whilst the hour change in terms of my working week is only half hour getting home later has been tiring. Hopefully I will adjust to this quickly. Thankfully my new job has really good coffee and a good supply of fruit. I don't have any cases yet so I have been helping the team out with theirs and learning my way around the system.

Breakfast won't surprise you good old dorset fruit muesli

Lunch I went for some minestrone soup with 3 babybels and fruit

I am really glad Kiwi's appear in the fruit bowl and noone else seems to like them. 

After work we had  quick stop at asda for our food shop then headed home to see Doug. He had been a bit off colour this morning and we were hopeful he was just tired and not getting poorly. Thankfully when we got home he was as nuts as ever so we do think he was just being lazy this morning...can't say I blame him ;)

Dinner tonight was one of my favourites mayflower curry

I cheated on the chips tonight and used ready prepared ones McCain Rustic (1 syn per 100g) and had a lot of veggies in the mayflower sauce. I only used 14g of the powder but that was mainly because we are running out of it. The whole meal was 4 syns which is good for a fakeaway!

Afterwards Rich broke out these monsters and offered me one.

Once I had checked the syns and realised one cookie was 4 I decided to give one a go

It was worth the 4 syns it had gooey chocolate in the centre. It did make my sweet tooth wake up so I put together this whilst we were watching a movie.

The two hifi's were my second B of the day and the weight watchers yogurt was free. I used 2 syns on 4 mikado and it satisfied the sweet tooth.

I have planned to meet Jen for a bike ride/walk tomorrow with Doug and the rest of the weekend will be much relaxing. Starting with a lie in tomorrow hopefully if master Doug allows.

Night night all xoxo


  1. I saw those cookies advertised in Asda today...was it good?

    1. Mitchy they were like heaven in a cookie!! It was worth the 4 syns definitely xx