Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bye bye weekend

I have reached that point of the weekend where it is virtually over and I feel a little sad. I haven't done anything of note this weekend it was nice just to relax and sleep! Unfortunately I have had a bit of a grump on today as my hands have been hurting all day and radiating up to my shoulders. This meant I did very little but watch movies and and cuddle up with Doug.

I had another nice lie in this morning and only got up when Doug decided he needed the loo. I got to work on a yummy breakfast

This is an aldi sub roll (heb plus 1 syn as I removed some of the dough) two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages, mushrooms and cheese (HEA). It was yummy and kept me full until lunchtime.

A massive salad and chickpea dahl loaf (which didn't turn out very loafy). I followed it up with some fruit and yogurt which also signalled the death of one of my hello kitty bowls :( it has had a crack in for a long time but the crack was now leaking so it had to go

For dinner Rich had some meat sandwichs with white bread and I really fancied some so decided to have some white toast and it was worth the syns. I was too busy enjoying it to take a picture though hehe. It filled me up though so when I decided to make some dinner I couldn't even manage half and for some reason managed to make a rediculously big portion so Rich has some for lunch tomorrow

Maybe I should have shared some with Doug? However once he had stared at my food for a bit he went off and entertained himself

I will more than likely be heading to bed soon as I have work tomorrow. I hope you all had a good weekend night night xoxo

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