Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Little Miss Grumpy

How appropriate this Little Miss Grumpy is purple because today I most resembled her. I was a bit of a grumpous when I got up and the gloom kept going. Between me and mitchy we were right grumpy people today but the good thing is we kept each other going!

I actually had quite a busy day at work as my caseload is increasing and I was helping out with post which was good as it kept me occupied. I actually prefer being busy than not though feel free to remind me of this in a few weeks when I'm moaning how busy I am ;)

Let's see what else happened today oh yeh I experienced what it was like to live in a word without my mobile as it was down for most of the day. It was so weird and not an experience I will repeat. I like having the freedom of my phone I mean you never know when the zombies are going to take over and you need to phone for help

Okay so I may be slightly sleep deprived now....but you know it can happen you just have to watch The Walking Dead!

Food wise it's been a good day though breakfast may look a bit familiar

I don't have much stuff on this desk as I did on my old one so the picture of the same food is a bit bland....today I added in a pint of water and I lost count at 8 of them. I have also had 2 litres of water since I got home. I'd say I was well hydrated. 

Just to break this up a bit here's Doug

Lunch came around quite quickly and without the distraction of my phone I managed to spend the entire hour reading my book (in between emailing mitchymoo). 

I made up a pasta salad last night with low fat salad dressing (its the kraft italian one which is lovely and free). I chucked in some quorn roast and it was gorgeous. I also enjoyed the free fruit we get at work.

On the way home Rich decided he wanted fish and chips and being the lovely fiance I am....and because he has been extra special lovely today I went out to get some for him. It was a bit of a challenge being in the gorgeous chippy and not having anything especially as full on lazy mode had struck but I resisted and came home and made this.

The bap is a wholemeal sub roll from aldi which weighed 70g so heb + 1 syn (i pulled out some of the doughy bit) along with two linda mc sausages 40g of cheese and mushrooms along with some sw chips. It was blinking gorgeous but felt so naughty.

Rich headed to bed quite early tonight (though I can hear him wandering around so I am guessing he may still be awake) so I settled down to watch the football with some mikado

And that's my tuesday done and dusted. Just a quick reminder to stop by our group we are a friendly bunchhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/332114393578128/

night night all xoxo

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