Monday, 15 April 2013

Sleepy girl

Welcome to my usual I don't like Monday's blog, for some reason I am extra tired today and felt a bit grouchy when I got up this morning. Luckily my mood lifted when I was wandering into work and was playing with my phone. I found this little beauty and I know his fans will like this...

and incase you need more

I had a relatively busy day at work today as one of my team are on annual leave so I helped out with his post and some of his files. I enjoyed learning more about the system and the way things work. 

Food wise have a guess what breakfast was....

One day I may surprise you and have something different but I adore this stuff....maybe I should contact the dorset fruit makers and get them to sponsor me haha.

Lunch seemed slow coming around today I was really hungry mid morning and should have had my fruit but I was engrossed in what I was doing. I just kept drinking water and managed about 8 pints whilst at work then an additional litre at home. I do tend to drink a lot and in addition I have coffee too. Once I got to lunch I had this

Another bit of chickpea dahl loaf with a massive salad and my fruit. 

Once we got home I decided a bubble bath and my book were in order so I had a bit of time to relax...or so I thought but Doug was being a bit naughty so relaxing wasn't fully on the cards. Once I had pruned for a bit I got to work on dinner which was the newly named Tokilicious Mitcheesey pasta with a whole tub of lowlow

I added in some quorn bacon, mushrooms and courgettes. It was gorgeous and I loved having a whole tub of low low in there. Rich had a similar version but with more cheese! The sweet tooth needed satisfying after this so I had some rice pudding with banana and golden syrup

So thats me done for the day and I'll be heading to bed soon with my latest book! Night night all xoxo

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  1. ohh i need to try that Tokilicious Mitcheesey pasta - looks yummy.