Thursday, 25 April 2013

She's a loser.....

No blog from me last night mainly because I was knackered and feeling unwell. My stupid arm/hand is being stupid again so I was in full on grouch mode. I did go to weigh in last night though and whilst I didn't stay to group I did hang around for a bit to chat to some friends which was lovely. There are some amazing ladies in my group who keep me motivated and cheery x next week is going to be a good week for us ladies xx

The good news is I lost this week even with the blip. I managed 2.5lbs off which (now I've done the right maths) means I am 3.5lbs away from my 4 stone award. I'd love that next week though do have lunch out tomorrow and we are going to the cinema Saturday and get free nachos in our particular seats (just to clarify they are on the actual seats a man/woman gives them to us when they lead us to our seats incase anyone had visions of us sitting on nachos). It will be a flexible snack/meal and thats the beauty of slimming world.

On to today it's not been a bad day. There are a few things I'm not happy about at the moment but I've moaned enough about them to my lovely Rich and Jen. It is nearly the weekend though so how can I stay unhappy for long? 

Breakfast was a bit of the usual but I do love it

40g of Dorset simply fruity (the only one that is 40g the rest are 35g) with some yogurt and berries. I had some time before work to read my book too which is always good. If you like vampire books then I'd really recommend the Morganville vampires series its amazing.

The morning passed relatively quickly which was good as I had the major nom attacks today. I settled down to some soup and fruit (though not together)

The soup is celery and really tasty and full of superfree. 

Now this week we have a major budget issue too much month left before payday ;) so I am being a bit more creative with our food and also trying to make things last a bit longer. Last night in a fit of productivity I chucked some quorn mince, kidney beans, lentils, passata chopped tomatoes onions mushrooms and garlic into our slow cooker ready to pop on this morning. This meant I came home to dinner virtually ready. I hadn't had my second A and B so I opted for an Aldi sub roll (HEB plus 1.5 syns) and added some cheese to it. This worked well with the bolagnaise stuff.

We even have enough left for he weekend, I think it will go well as a cottage pie. 

I did fancy something sweet afterwards and as I have decided to do some more 777 days I stuck to the 7 syns and had some mikado and a WW dessert yogurt. 

So thats Thursday wrapped up and I am going to end the blog here as need to go and prep my breakfast for tomorrow and Doug is demanding some attention and cuddles

 Night night all xoxo

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog! ohhh, and I am obsessed with nachos :)