Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lazy Sunday

After yesterdays dangerous day today has been a lot more tame and I haven't really done anything. Today the most productive thing I have done is work through the sky + box and enjoy another offering my Studio Ghibli My Neighbour Totoro

It was a wonderful film and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

Food wise I have had another good day on plan and feel firmly on the bus. I have also spread my syns out a bit more during the day starting the day with a fry up

I had quorn bacon, two linda mccartney italian sausages mushrooms hello kitty sketti and some wholemeal toast which i sprayed in fry light. It tasted a lot like fried bread and was a good accompaniment to the breakfast. The entire meal was 2.5 syns.

Lunch was some left over bolagnaise from yesterdays lasagne in a jacket spud and topped with cheese. This picture includes a cameo from Doug

The coleslaw was homemade using greek yogurt, a pack of coleslaw veg from asda a bit of mustard and pepper. It worked really well and makes tons so got enough for a few lunches now. The salad dressing was unfortunately synned due to me picking up the wrong one but it was really tasty. This kept me nice and full until dinner.

Delicious quorn roast with roast spuds and lots of veg. The gravy was made from a knorr stock pot and some onions. I even had some cauliflower and broccoli cheese which was gorgeous. I had promised Rich I'd make some more pancakes so once this had gone down I made us some pudding...unfortunately Rich's turned out not quite as well as mine I think because I got some yolk into the mix. I filled mine with mixed berries and covered in chocolate philli.

As you can see Doug appears again. He was after most of my food today!

I think that's all fro me now so night night everyone xoxo

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