Saturday, 30 March 2013

Planning plans and lazy saturday

Today has been a good day I love lazy Saturdays when you know that you have two more days of rest before returning to work :D bank holidays are good fun. I may do some housework tomorrow as it really needs to be done but that does involve some effort....

In other news me and Mitchy have organised a meetup for July which is going to be beyond awesome :D we are hoping the lovely WLB will join in the fun with the two K's and the dogs. It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for July to come. Infact this year is shaping up to be good fun Rich booked our Iron Man 3 tickets last night so we can go and see it at the Imax....Robert Downey Jr ultra big is going to be much fun! I also have the fun of The Rocky Horror show this year with my lovely ladies Jen and Tracy. Not too shabby for this lady. 

I was up relatively early this morning well 9am and as I was emerging from zombie mode I realised one of my meds had run out and I needed to run to the chemist and get an emergency prescription. Once I got back and saw to Douglet I got cracking on breakfast

Yummy magic waffles (made from the magic pancake mix but done in my waffle maker) and kiwi, apple and banana topped with a weight watchers lemon tart yogurt. 

I spent most of the morning flicking between classic Friends episodes and CSI apart from a small break to make cakes. This was done to a cheesy pop soundtrack which had me dancing in the kitchen. I will show you the cakes later in the blog.

For lunch I wanted to ensure I had tons of superfree after my rocky thursday so decided to have stuffed mushrooms

The mushrooms were stuffed with courgettes, peppers and onions then topped with low low. I put the rest of the low low in the mini jacket spud. I think I may love low low a bit too much. I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt.

The frozen fruit creates a lot of juice hehe.

I had planned to spend the afternoon reading and watching Soccer Saturday

I didn't get too far into the book as I was too busy chatting. I also realised halfway through the first half that I didn't have a key ingredient for dinner. By the time I got back from the shops I had missed three goals and then managed to miss a few more just because I was out of the room. I think the key with Arsenal is for me to ignore them as when I do they score. 

For dinner we decided to try out the Mac and Cheese recipe from the new magazine (get it if you have not got it as its a good issue). I think next time I will use a double healthy extra for my portion as it wasn't quite cheesy enough but it was still tasty. I added mushrooms to mine too for more superfree.

After this I treated myself to two of my carrot cakes that I had baked this morning

Each cake was two syns including the mini egg. 

The recipe was really simple and thanks to Sue on a group for supplying it

For the cakes
3 eggs
6 tbsp granulated sweetener
85g Wholemeal Self Raising Flour  (14.5)
175g finely grated carrot
2 tsp mixed spice

For the topping
1 tub quark
Vanilla flavoring/extract
A sprinkle of mixed spice
A mini egg (2 eggs is 1.5 syns) = 9
A sprinkle of nutmeg
A little more grated carrot

Pre-heat over to 180. Beat the eggs & sweetener together for about 10 minutes until light and creamy.

Sift the flour and mixed spice into the egg mixture and add the grated carrot. Fold in with a metal spoon until all ingredients are combined. Dived between 13 bum cases and bake for about 20 minutes or until firm and golden. Leave to cool.

For the topping mix enough sweetener & the vanilla with the tub of quark to resemble cream. Add a sprinkle of mixed spice. Either pipe the mixture around the top of each cake or place a dollop on top. Add a mini egg to each then sprinkle over some ground nutmeg and a little grated carrot.

Keep in the fridge to keep the frosting firm. 

I couldn't be bothered with the prettyness as I was feeling lazy when I got to frosting them but they were still good. 

Unfortunately the cake coincided with the munchie monster emerging so I decided to have some happy snax

I took a picture of them with the bag so you can see how cute they are! Unfortunately they didn't feed the monster so I ended up having a cheese toastie. By this point I was just being greedy. 

I don't know why sometimes even when you feel on the wagon you can go into sabotage mode. Its an ongoing battle for us all and one day we will all win it. 

One thing for sure is I won't be going oh I have ruined the week so I will just eat what I want now. Tomorrow morning I will be on plan and enjoying the lovely slimming world food!

I am now going to watch Arsenal on Match of the Day and enjoy their glorious win. Night night all xoxo

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