Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday lazy Sunday

I love lazy Sundays where very little is planned and you can spend the day in your PJ's doing nothing much. It's even better when your wearing batman pj bottoms and a care bears avengers top...seriously its an awesome look!! I did get dressed today but only temporarily to go to the supermarket as I couldn't go in my pj's. Okay I could but I'd get even odder looks that I normally do as usually I'm wearing my cat hat. Me and Mitchy have been discussing people who have fun and those are don't see the pure pleasure in things like onesies and hello kitty pj's luckily those I love do see the pleasure in these. I do know some of the people who roll their eyes at people like me and mitchy and my lovely Jen but am I rambling now I think I am.

I was surprised when I got back from the shop to see Rich was already up and was excited to tell him I had found brisket which he had been craving so he dealt with that and put it in the slow cooker. He enjoyed his lump of meat today and from what he told me it worked well! I spent most of the morning relaxing on the sofa reading my book whilst Rich conducted scientific experiments and Doug snored. The afternoon was pretty similar for the boys but I had a bit of a pamper session first I had a bath using my new lush bathbombs and then put on my facemask and modelled the green face look for a bit. Once I had been smellified and beautified in the face I decided to decorate my nails firstly by painting each nail a different colour until I decided on what colour I wanted and then settling on a purple and black combo.

Okay on to the food of the day, the first picture nearly didn't happen as I was too busy nomming

Veggie omelette packed with onions mushrooms and peppers and my healthy extra of cheese. I washed this down with a huge mug of coffee whilst I contemplated dressing myself to go to the shop.

Lunch had to be some cheesy pasta and today turned out to be a cheesy pastery type day but I was craving it last night.

I used a pasta n sauce chucked in mushrooms, onions and some frozen mixed veg. I also stirred in 5 laughing cow light triangles. It was very tasty and cheesy. I fancied something sweet afterwards so had some banana and kiwi with a muller light.

As I had got Rich his meat I had to rethink my plans for dinner and when wondering around the supermarket I decided I wanted a lasagne 

When I make lasagne I tend to chuck everything in and see how it tastes. I had picked up some knorr vegetable stock pots today so one of those went in. I fried off some onion and garlic then added the stock pot with a tiny bit of water. I then chucked in some quorn mince, mushrooms, peppers and mixed frozen veg. The white sauce I make by blitzing cottage cheese and quark and then topped with my healthy extra of cheese (I love green days!!). I was going to have this with salad but fancied some SW chips and had some coleslaw and beetroot too. It turned out great and the stock pot made it extra tasty.There was another left to make another one for the freezer and have some mince left for lunch tomorrow.

Once this was done watched a few episodes of CSI and prepped my work food. I then settled down to some mikado to round of the evening.

I'm back to work tomorrow and hoping the dull ache completely vanishes in my head. 

Night night all xoxo

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