Monday, 25 March 2013

Welcome to Mondayville

I do not know where today has gone I blinked and it was Monday evening....odd considering the morning dragged by so slowly! Today signalled my last full day in my job and whilst right now I am quite happy as the new job sounds really interesting I think tomorrow I may have some mixed emotions. There has certainly been a mixture of happy and sad times but time for a new challenge. Certainly going to miss some people a lot!

I had a good chuckle at lunch time me and Charlotte were ranting about how hard things can be sometimes when temptation is there and how annoying bloating is when I read this bit of my book (sorry you have to read it sideways but it wont let me flip it :( )

The Fat Chance guide to dieting is really funny and sad in places, I would definitely recommend it.

On to the food of the day

Breakfast was yummy dorset fruit muesli with fruit and yogurt and my normal coffee. 

Lunch was my minestrone soup that I made at the weekend with some fruit. This soup is gorgeous and so filling!

Dinner was inspired by Charlotte and was really gorgeous!

The nuggests are quorn chicken nuggets which are 0.5 syns each. I fried off some mushrooms, onions and peppers and cooked some noodles. Whilst this was cooking I made a sweet and sour sauce as follows

330ml can of diet fanta or equvilent supermarket own brand diet orange
3 tbsp of passata (more if you fancy it)
1 veg oxo
Chilli to taste

You mix this all together and cook until it thickens and there you have it. I put the noodles and veg together and mixed in the sauce. The nuggets were there so it was kind of like sweet and sour chicken balls from the Chinese. I really enjoyed it and I will be making again for sure.

I hadn't had my second A and B today so in honour of this I finished the evening up with some ryvita crackerbread and laughing cow cheese 

Doug is trying to sneak into the picture to steal my cheese but I told him off for that.

So thats Monday done and dusted, I am only in work for 3.5 hours tomorrow and then I am coming home to do fun things like dye my hair and hang with Doug. I have also agreed to cook some more brownies for Rich's work so that could be fun....and on that note think its time for this lady to head to bed for some shut eye....or book reading!

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