Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Hunger day

Ever have those days where you literally cannot stop eating? Well that was me today I had the hunger monster all day that even water and a nap didn't satisfy. It's finally shut up though! I think the reason for the monster emerging today is tiredness plus this

You will see in front of you cream egg brownies which I made for my lovely other half and boy was it hard not to shove my face right into these! I don't normally get huge chocolate cravings but today it has been pretty bad. 

I did make my own cake today which tasted pretty good and was much lower syn that Rich's. Even better it tasted like cake. The whole cake was 33 syns and I divided it into 8 so its 4 syns per bit

The recipe is really simple

6 medium eggs
8 tbsps of sweetener
1 tsp of vanilla essence
75g of self raising flour

You mix the eggs, vanilla and sweetener until the mixture has trebled in size and is pale and thick. This takes about 8 minutes and is worth doing as otherwise the cake won't rise. You then add the flour and careful fold in with a metal spoon. 

You then put the mix into greased tins and bake for 11 minutes at 200. The cake is 12 syns for the whole thing.

The 'frosting' was an idea i'd picked up from a SW group. I mixed 100g of betty crocker buttercream chocolate frosting with quark and some vanilla essence. This made 20 syns of frosting but it was worth it! You could make it with options and quark but I fancied something naughtier. The additional syn is because I greased the pans with felippo berio oil which is 1/2 syn for 7 squirts. I'm not going to torture you with the cream egg brownie recipe its the syns would be killer.

I had major sleep issues this morning, I woke up early and despite still being really tired I couldn't get back to sleep so in the end I got up. I ended up getting up and starting my day. I needed to go to the shops so breakfast was a case of using what we had in

I went for beans and mushrooms on toast with 1 syn for a tsp of clover light. It was a change from my normal weekend breakfasts and was nice but it didn't really fill me up.

Once I got back from the shops and relaxed a bit me and Rich got on with our baking mission, unfortunately this is when things got hard as the brownies smelled amazing and seemed to linger in the house all day. I had put some of Mitchy's Minestrone soup into the slow cooker so it would be ready at lunch but I timed it a bit badly so it wasn't quite ready when I wanted it (for the recipe see here It was worth the wait though and it made a huge amount so  am set for lunches this week.

I settled down for the afternoon with my comics book and Friends but the munchies struck again so I decided to use some syns on crackerbread and laughing cow.

I am aware there are two similar pictures but I went back for seconds. I went for a nap after this to see if I could get rid of the tiredness and hunger monster. Once I got up from my nap I wanted to make dinner but as well as the hunger monster the CBA monster kicked in so I went for simple food

I cooked of some onions mushrooms and courgettes, stirred in some low low and topped with 25g of cheese. It was really tasty you can't go wrong with cheesy pasta.

Afterwards I sampled my cake and it turned out well, its not a bad cake and tastes closer to the real thing than the 1/2 syn cake

Not surprisingly the hunger monster was still kicking about and I tried more water and distraction but in the end I decided to have another bit of food. I didn't go for more cake though but cooked up some slimming world chips

Finally the hunger monster shut up. I did have a close encounter with the chocolate fiend but a stern look from Doug stopped me. Seriously he can make me feel so guilty hehe.

I'm heading to bed in a bit so going to wrap things up now

Night night all xoxo


  1. Well done for getting thru the day. Going to try the cheesy pasta soon..that's my kinda food..xx

  2. I cook that cake. Its the best Low syn cake ive found. I just use sweetened quark or sweetened greek yogurt. I did add an option last week. This cake keeps well. I have been trying to stop myself from over eating tonight but its cause im bored. I finally went to look at fat pics... that curbed the need to feed ha ha x

  3. So, I've been googling low low as I had no idea what it was! *Pokes self in the eye* It's like dairylea right? Do you buy the tub spread? I've been trying to find a low syn cheese sauce that I could make if I decide to re-join Slimming World on Wednesday. ^_^

    Btw, will power of a saint!!! I'd have delved head-first into those brownies! I applaud you chicka!!!! *High five*

    I'm unsure of Quark... I really don't know what the texture and taste would do for me. LOL. I think knowing that it's sour cream like really puts me off but do you just splenda it up or use it in curries with flavour? I'm such a novice!!!

    Jiggipop @ Onwards & Skinnywards

  4. Yeh its very much like dairylea its amazing xx I would really recommend it I buy the block, grated, tub and slices Im a bit of a low low fan

    I tend to use quark for a lasagne sauce and mix it with cottage cheese or as a sweet topping and if you add enough sweetener it works well x