Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cross country driving and dog heaven

No blog from me for a few days as I have been a busy lady away from the house. This involved driving from Bristol to London to the midlands and then back to Bristol again. It has been a great few days on Thursday we went to a gig in Kentish Town, London and the band were really good. The only downside was the beer shower I got along with a few other people! I don't like beer unless I am drinking it ;)

The drive to the midlands was not pleasant someone ordered fog and I was knackered by the time I got there and we didn't get much sleep before we had to get up again.

It was worth it! We spent yesterday at Crufts surrounded by 1000's of dogs and it was heaven. If you don't know what Crufts is then it is a massive dog show. We spent a fair bit of time watching the Pugs and missing our little man. Unfortunately unless they have been invited or are involved dogs cannot attend Crufts. Doug would have been in heaven though all those new friends. 

We did lots of walking around exploring the arena and seeing lots of different varieties of dogs and falling in love with the Boston Terriers. We also got lots of doggie kisses including ones from a lovely staffie who licked my face all over. I adore staffies they are some of the sweetish softest dogs around and unfortunately have a bad rep :(

Food wise I was determined to stick on plan as much as possible and when I could make the best decisions. I will start with day one

Top left is a veggie omelette packed with mushrooms, courgettes, onions and spinach and my hea of cheese. Top right is my first on the road meal...the burger king did not belong to me but my other half. I opted for a jacket potato beans and cheese followed by fruit. I was really happy with these choices! It was trickier on the way home from the gig as the only options were fast food or starbucks so I wandered around with my slimming world app and plumped for a cheese and vegetable panini. I followed this up with a banana which I forgot to photograph.

On to yesterday

As you can see I had to take a picture of my crufts ticket as I was so excited. As we stayed at Rich's parents we had a few different options for breakfast so I plumped for weetabix with some fruit. Lunch proved tricky as there wasn't any real vegetarian options other than white bread sandwiches which wouldn't really satisfy me. Okay so had we explored a bit more we would have found other options but we didn't know this at the time. In the end I went for mushroom ravioli with a side of veggies. The ravioli was gorgeous and I really enjoyed it.

The waffles are to demonstrate how good I was being, Rich found a waffle stand and decided to indulge and I resisted. I had to hold his waffle for a few moments whilst he got comfortably seated and that was quite torturous. Once we had wandered around we decided to go and camp out in the main arena and watch some of the shows. I got peckish mid afternoon and again the choices were limited so I ended up going for crisps as they were the lowest option available. I will definitely take more fruit with me next year! We got back about 8.30 and I was hungry so I whipped up a quick pasta dish which contained mushrooms, passata and green beans with parmesan on top. Once this was done I collapsed into bed and slept the night away.

Today we headed home via the kennels to collect the master of the house Doug who I was excited to see. Food wise it was simpler today as I didn't have to eat on the road.

The main picture is a wholemeal roll with mushrooms which I followed up with a fruit salad. Lunch was veggie pasta with a whole tub of low low I splashed out on the double he for lunch. Dinner was pizza made with warburton sandwich thins topped with onions peppers and mushroom and more cheese and sw chips. I followed this up with some rice pudding made this time with cream soda and added an activia intensely creamy caramel yogurt (thanks mitchy for bringing these to my attention) and a banana.

So thats everyone all caught up I am absolutely knackered so going to bed heading to bed in a bit so I will say good night and leave you with this <3

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