Friday, 29 March 2013

Double dose of me

So after my lack of blog last night you are getting a double dose from me today! Apologies for no blog yesterday it was a combination of being tired and having an f it night. I was really unhappy with the scales on Wednesday and did something I wouldn't recommend which was succumbing to takeaway pizza. It was a tasty mushroom and double cheese pizza and very tasty. Once I had eaten it I was refocused and called it a flexi meal. I got right back on the wagon this morning. 

It is not a wise move having an f it night but at the end of the day we are all human and this is not a diet but a lifestyle change. 

On to today, I was up quite early and craving a mushroom omelette but I had not mushrooms stupid mushroom thief! I decided that I was going to go shopping first then come back to breakfast so of I went to Tesco. Thankfully it seemed nice and quiet in there so I wandered around picking up the bits we needed and then headed back home.

The omelette contained onions, courgette, mushrooms and a bit of red pepper and then topped with my he of cheese. I seem to be perfecting omelettes now which is good and this was really tasty. I washed it down with my normal mugs of coffee whilst I pondered whether the day would involve housework or laziness.

I opted for laziness and settled down to work through the stupid amount of stuff on our sky + box. I did manage to finish The Fat Chance guide to dieting and it was a very good book, I'd definitely recommend it! Apart from that and doing my random 25 facts I've spent most of the day discussing all things awesome on twitter and via text with one of my favourite ladies. 

Lunch was a lazy affair in the shape of cheesy pasta I do love cheesy pasta with added veggies

This kept me nice and happy until dinner whilst I worked on my 25 facts.

Me and Rich had planned our usual movie night and he had chosen The Avengers Assemble. I had decided we needed our bacon double cheeseburgers again but this time instead of a bun I had two flat mushrooms. I really enjoy the quorn bacon and quorn burgers

I had a good amount of superfree today which I was pleased with and definitely felt the benefit of. I have decided to aim for 10 syns per day until weigh in now and I know I may not get a loss next week due to the pizza issue but i am accepting of that. I had some crisps as the rest of my syns and I love happy snax as they are two syns per bag so I had three bags taking me up to 8.5 syns for the day

I have also managed to drink nearly three litres of water today along with my coffee.

So that's it from me today hope you are all enjoying the long weekend for those who don't have to work! Night night all xoxo


  1. Hooray for double doses of TOK :)

  2. Where do you get the happy snax? x

  3. hehe thanks mitchy xx

    Liz I got them from poundland they are really nice