Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fun times and takeaway temptations

Today has been a really fun day and a day of non scale victories which made me really happy. For my birthday Rich had decided he was taking me shopping so we wandered into town as I had picked this weekend to go. There is a shop called Blue Banana that I have walked passed and wanted to go into but never thought I'd fit into the clothes. Today we went in their and I was able to successfully fit into some pretties and came away very happy. 

The blue banana bag was free and so awesome, the pj's were from primark and I treated  myself to some stuff from lush. All in all a good haul and much fun! I also got a cute fascinator which I am modelling in the following picture.

A miracle occurred I had a picture taken of me that I really like! This rarely happens hehe. Me and Rich stopped off in Starbucks for a coffee and I used 1 1/2 healthy a's on this

Yummy medium skinny latte and it was very good!

Once we got back from our shopping trip Rich had promised we could have a game or two of Pugopoly 

Unfortunately I lost 2-0 as Rich is an evil genius and our tacticfied me (yes thats a word!) I didn't mind though as it was such fun. All in all I had a great day.

Food wise I have only had two meals today :0 this is unusual for me as I normally have my breakfast lunch and dinner but because we were out I completely forgot lunch. Breakfast was magic waffles with some yummy lemon curd on top

Dinner was a trickier affair and I am really proud of myself. We were both pretty tired when we got back and laze mode had kicked in. Rich wanted Chinese but I am determined to have a good week and not have one. In the end I made the decision to have some mushroom fried rice from the Chinese after checking that 300g was 4 syns and made some mayflower curry. Normally I use 28g of powder but I decided to halve it and this meant I had a gorgeous but naughty feeling dinner for 6 syns. I was a real saint and properly measured my rice too.

It was gorgeous and you get tons of rice for the 300g! I admitted to Mitchy and Charlotte that I was a bit freaked out by my saintliness but I really want a good loss this week and it will be worth it. Plus I didn't feel like I was missing out at all and it was packed with superfree . It would have been so easy to just give in and have a full on takeaway but it could have been the trigger to set me off on a bad rest of the week and if I'm honest this was amazing! If you haven't tried Mayflower curry it can normally be found in Farmfoods, Heron or B&M and its really tasty. 

I finished up with my second B and had some hifi bars which were the perfect chocolate fix I needed

I hope you all had a happy Saturday

Much love x


  1. HAHA Pugopoly who knew!!! Its nice to shop on the high street isnt it :D Super cute fascinator x

  2. Pugopoly! I need this so much! I have a one eyed pug called Nickie Fury :) x

  3. Emmy is he named after the guy samuel l jackson plays in the avengers, iron man etc? I got pugopoly from amazon :D also the pugs guide to etiquette which is hilarious!

    It really is sm x it made me so happy