Friday, 29 March 2013

25 random me facts

The lovely Gill aka slimming mum ( set some of us lovely bloggers a challenge to us bloggers to do 25 random facts about ourselves so like Mitchy and WLB I have accepted the challenge and now you get let into the world of me

25 random facts about me

  1. I am an only child and missed not having a brother or sister as a kid.
  2. I have a slight obsession with books with the total unread in my possession (physical and kindle) is over 400 yet every day I get more free books or order books from the library. This is an obsession I will never get over as I have been a bookworm since I was little
  3. I love football and worship Arsenal, being an Arsenal fan is frustrating and turns me into a lady who swears too much but I can never turn my back on them
  4. I have a pug called doug (which Im sure regular readers know) but I am a little bit dog obsessed, I had two dogs as a kid patch a jack russell and zoe a collie cross. I have yet to meet a dog breed I dont like and my favourite breed other than pugs are staffies who i think are the most misunderstood dogs
  5. I have been with my wonderful fiance Rich for nearly 9 years now and we got engaged on christmas day. We met online when one day I randomly messaged her on a Charmed forum because I liked his metallica avatar! We became friends and it went from there
  6. I adore Hello Kitty and I have the dining set and numerous other HK things including awesome pj's. I have had the amazing experience of Puroland aka Hello Kitty land in Tokyo twice. On the first occasion Rich took a picture of me happy as a cheshire cat in the hello kitty car. This picture has a dissapointed child in it because the grown up girl would not get out of the car...
  7. I have three absolutely fantastic friends who enrich me in so many ways and are the bestest people I could ever know my lovely suzy who is a deeply intelligent lady with the most fantastic personality, my lovely jen who is like the sister I never had and I adore her and she is also as random as me in every shape and size and mitchy who between the two of us are convinced we are seperated at birth!
  8. I have one tattoo of a triquatra and I plan to get more including one when I hit target  which is currently purple hello kitty's and one kitty will symbolise one stone. 
  9. My normal week day starts about 6.40am when I wake up from zombie sleep and wander down to see doug. I start work now at 8.30am and im still a newbie in my job
  10. I am a twi-hard and will never deny it, I love vampire books in general and all things supernatural and read many books on this theme
  11. Supernatural is my all time favourite show and I am currently rewatching it in bed so I can go to sleep dreaming of dean winchester and this is the best video of him  
  12. My favourite films are Shaun of the Dead, Legally Blonde, Love Story and Nightmare before christmas the first and last are films I have watched too many times to remember
  13. I love gothic clothes and the clothes worn by the pretty metal girls and for many years I have been a goth girl in a fat suit however she is now emerging and the true me is coming out
  14. When I was younger I sang in the school choir for children in need and we got to met Sir Cliff Richard. He asked me whether I was a fan and being the adorable child I was I told him no I only liked Ozzy Osbourne. This was recorded for tv and was rather embarrassing
  15. When I was in senior school Peter Andre came to our school to sing mysterious girl. I was doing media studies so we got to meet him and we kinda chased him
  16. As much as I like my heavy metal/rock music I love pop music much to rich's disgust ;) I have been loving the big reunion on tv and rediscovering my love of Five
  17. I have had several cars in my time and my first car was the most awesome volvo! I called her marge and she was amazing she even drove me and my friend amanda around Ireland without dying on the mountain of doom! I have had a mixture of old and new cars but Marge will always be my worst car was the fiesta aptly named pile of poo. I name all my cars it just has to be done
  18. I love rats and our first one shaun was an awesome little dude he was more of dog/cat than a rat and would be frequently found hanging out on the sofa with us. I have had 6 rats of my own during my rat owning time Shaun (named after shaun from shaun of the dead) frank (sinatra), dean (winchester), Bill, Liara and Aria. Lili and Aria are the only ones still around though Aria is poorly now :( 
  19. I have also had several fish Tim, Daisy, Brian, Twist, Thierry and Dyson. Tim is still alive and kicking and Thierry died the day thierry henry left arsenal....strange but true I came home to the news that had both left though one of them didnt have to depart down the toilet
  20. I adore Japan and it is the best place I have visited. We were there not long after the earthquake and the japanese people are amazingly resilient and tokyo is such a vibrant city
  21. I cannot be trust with plants as I have a tendency to kill them, I was looking after a friends flat when she moved away and determined to not kill her plants I carefully watered them and cared for them. It was only when she returned and questionned me I discovered I had been watering a plastic plant for a year
  22. Purple is my favourite colour and if i could i would live in a world of purple i own a lot of purple clothes and shoes. I do not however like lilac thats icky
  23. Despite being 33 I refuse to grow up and I act like a big kid whenever I can even though I have a responsible job
  24. my favourite food item is mushrooms and if we run out of mushrooms then the world will have ended mushrooms have to be in every meal
  25. and for good friday this is an appropriate fact i dont like eating fish they are icky to eat and the one time i tried to be brave there were so many bones i will never eat fish again
Thanks for reading normal blog service will resume tonight xoxo

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  1. So much of this could be me....unsurprisingly! :) xx