Monday, 4 March 2013

What happens when the CBA's hit

Today has not been the best days...I got some news which put me in a awful mood and I left work thoroughly peed off. Luckily I got to come home to the boys (rich and doug) and they have made me smile. I also came home to this book

which I will study from cover to cover to try and understand the madness that is Doug ;)

Food wise I would put today as a okayish day I am still not quite focused as I should be and I am not sure why. I will start with breakfast

my lovely dorset fruit muesli with kiwi fruit and a muller. Complete with a mug of coffee and my new lunch bag <3 love jack. 

Yesterday I managed to make up some cous cous quiche so I had a portion of that for lunch and some fruit

The afternoon hit and this is when it all when a bit shit for me. Not food wise just stress levels and my anger levels. I was in a bad mood when I left work but the good thing is once I got home we had a builder come and sort out our shelves and mirror. Now me and Rich don't have to fight over the mirror in the mornings.

Once the builder had gone the dreaded CBA's kicked in and despite craving curry sauce and chips all day I couldn't be bothered to make any. Luckily Rich saved me from getting a takeaway and helped me prep some cheesy pasta

I added onions, peppers, mushrooms, courgettes and garlic then cheese and it went down really well! 

The snack monster did kick in after a little while but I went for the best options

From the top ryvita wholewheat crackerbread and laughing cow cheese with some grapes and pineapple followed by some mikado.

Syn wise I know I'm over but I feel my choices are better and the hunger monster seems happy now. 

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day and I am less venomous want to kill someone girl ;)

Night night my lovelies x


  1. I love your lunch bag, I love Jack too! :) And I love your evening snacks! I wouldn't worry too much about being over, sometimes you go under too, so it all evens out :)

  2. Normally I'm good with my syns but this week has been a bad week for me syn wise but tomorrow I am going to face the music and see what the scales say