Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Double decker blog time

Today's blog title comes courtesy of the slightly less furry man in my life. I ask him for something witty and he comes up with that...though it's better than the original its Tuesday I had come up with.

I am afraid I have to tell you that this will not be the world's most interesting blog as all I have done today is go to work and then come home. I am thankful to the wonderful Mitchy for keeping me entertained throughout the day which our truely amazing chats and Charlotte for the food porn...seriously peanut butter cookies!

Work wasn't too bad today mainly because I kept myself busy. I'm on countdown only 3 1/2 working days left as I'm off tomorrow. I got my induction schedule through for my new job today and I'm really excited and nervous and desperate for it to come around. 

Food wise I mixed it up a bit today starting with breakfast

Rice pudding with a weight watchers dessert yogurt mixed in and berries. Of course I had coffee too but I am sure that surprises no regular readers! The rice pudding was gorgeous and actually kept me full into lunch time. 

Lunch was cous cous quiche with some salad leaves covering in salad dressing. I had my fruit too and more coffee which is hiding at the moment.

When we got home and had relaxed a bit we got to work on dinner we had decided to recreate a fast food favourite by having a bacon double cheese burger. The exception was that the bacon was quorn and so was the burger. The whole meal cost me 3.5 syns (1 for the 2 burgers, 1.5 for 2 slices of bacon and 1 for 14 sprays of oil)

You will note that Doug features in this picture he was after my dinner! I was really happy with how it turned out and even better Rich enjoyed it! 

I took a break from food whilst I engaged in some texting/facebooking/CSI watching and then decided to have some rice pudding

I put a tbsp of golden syrup on top for 2.5 syns and stirred in an activia creamy yogurt and a banana. It was so tasty.

Tomorrow is weigh in and it is also my birthday however I am trying this new thing this week called not blowing your syns in one night! I am going to not treat wednesday night as a free eat night and see how it effects my losses in the next few weeks. I've got 12lbs to go until I can get my 4 stone award and I want it soon!

Before I go I want to thank all the people who read and comment on my blog either on here or via facebook. It really motivates me and encourages me and I love you all for being there

Night night my lovelies xoxo


  1. hope you have a great birthday and i must say your so good for being in control and not blowing your syns on your birthday . it was my birthday today and i had a flexi day cant begin to tell you how many syns i had . i have until next tues to hope counteract it loads of speed walking and superfree i think.have a great day and i love reading your blogs they keep me going whilst doing sw xx

  2. Thanks Julie xx it may change but right now I am considering using my syns on a krispy kreme doughnut x