Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New start and the scales

Today was the first day in my new job and I was really nervous, it was like the first day at school I was paranoid about my hair my outfit everything. Thankfully a friend who has recently started there was there when I arrived so I didn't have to work out how to get into the office. Everybody turned out to be really lovely and the training went well. The most important thing though was the good coffee!! This made me a happy girl! I got my new pass and I was happy with the picture which is a good outcome of losing weight!

Unfortunately me and the scales were not happy tonight as I put on 1/2lb. I have analysed the past week and wonder if I had too many syns not enough superfree or its just one of those weeks. Maybe I got complacent but I will not be letting it get me down....okay so I came home and ate crap but its out of my system and I feel a tad better about the gain as I know it will come off next week. Back to the basics and keeping my syns to 10 per day as that works for me. 

I picked the new mag up in group and it has some yummy recipes in it which I am going to try! I do love getting the new mag and getting the ideas. 

I got home from work to a lovely surprise from the amazing Mitchy

It's beautiful and I am so touched by as thoughtful mitchy is x I am completely in love with it :D she definitely knows me well!

On to the food of the day breakfast was unusual for me on a working day, I actually had time to have it before I went to work

I went for warm rice pudding with yogurt stirred in and berries on top. It was nice and filling and warmed my belly before I went outside into the stupid cold. 

For lunch 

Cous Cous quiche with salad two bear yoyo's (HEB x 2) and an apple which I nearly sent flying over the office.

Dinner....well that was junk food and I only took a picture of one part

A cheese toastie or two the cheese was within my HE limit but the white bread is naughty. It did taste nice though

I am trying to ignore feeling too down about the gain simply because it's not a huge one and if I let it get to me I may mean that I have a bad week and I don't want that.Time for some positive mental attitude and on to a better week!


  1. I know you can get straight back on our bus :) I've got total faith in you my lovely xx

  2. well done on having a good first day at your knew job i bet you was nervous when you first went in there . Dont worry about your little gain im sure you will be ok at getting back on track and we are all behind you karen as you have done so well . also dont be hard on yourself you have a knew job you have started and lots to concentrate on. have a nice restful easter and a good sw one aswell . love reading your blogs keeps me going on my journey x