Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday we meet again

Guess what it's Monday again the day I dislike the most! I was heading back to work today after the lurgy time and I was dreading it. It's nearly the end of my time at my current job and I knew I was going to have a lot to do. Luckily the day went nice and quickly thanks in part to Mitchy and our awesome chats during today.

The good thing about it being Monday is it's getting closer to Wednesday and I can see how my hard work this week has turned out. I feel like I am in control this week and back on the purple bus! I am definitely feeling slinkier than last week which is good!

On another positive note I finished my book today so I can move onto the next one in the pile. The pile is slowly decreasing and for my next book I can indulge in a bit of hero worship. 

Food wise I started the day with my standard work breakfast

40g Dorset fruit muesli with some berries and yogurt and a mug of coffee! I have missed my yummy muesli but this week my plan is to try a different breakfast each day even if it is cereal based.

Lunch was leftover quorn bolagnaise from yesterday with a jacket spud, cheese and beetroot salad. It tasted even better today

I was properly stuffed after this so didn't manage the fruit I'd taken in. I also managed 3 litres of squash during the day plus my coffee. Major drinkathon today.

Once we got home and I had taken Doug out for his walk I settled down for a bit of rest before cracking on with dinner. I decided to try pepsi max quorn steak fillets and this worked really well. I served it with veggies and cheesy mash. 

Very tasty and I was stuffed for a fair while after this. I finished up the evening with some mikado for a little sweet treat.

Nicely framed with my current book which as I said is a bit of hero worship as I adore Thierry!l

I am now going to head off and enjoy some of the book whilst watching Sarah Beeny helping people sell their houses!

Night night all xoxo

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