Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hanging with Doug

Master of the House Douglas has monopolised my lap today and I have had a lazy day relaxing with the little man....look at his boggly eyes today! After yesterday and my struggle with control today was easier. I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling quite bright this morning. I have also had a play with hang w/ an app introduced to me by Mitchy and WLB and its good fun. I actually did two broadcasts on it so if you have the app and want to seek me out my name on there is Taliacad. The app is great as I have got to listen to the wise words of Mitchy and WLB.

I honestly have done very little today I have chatted to Mitchy lots (is anyone surprised by that) played some Sims and watched Friends. I also abandoned a book for another one. I adore Thierry Henry but the book I was reading about him wasn't sitting right so I changed to this one

As you can see Doug appears again helping model the book. The book is based on weight loss clubs and so far is very funny and in some senses familiar. The consultant in the book is awful though and makes me even happier with the lovely Vicky my consultant.

Right on to the food of the day

Cheese omelette with mushrooms peppers and courgettes. It turned out really well and even came out of the pan without issues! This was washed down with several cups of coffee.

Once Rich was up with took up our positions on the sofa and watch countless episodes of Friends. This show is brilliant and I wish they would do a one off special so we can see where the characters are now.

Onto lunch it had to be cheesy pasta again this time with a double he of cheese and veggies

I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt

Dinner was a simple but good piece of noms, Rich was enjoying his lump of meat whilst I had this

A nice lot of veg with some mash and quorn roast. It was pretty good and lots of veggies were on my plate.

I had some of my cake afterwards (well 2 pieces but only pictured one)

Tomorrow is the penultimate day on my job which will be weird and busy so I'm going to head to bed with my book now

Night night all xoxo

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