Thursday, 21 March 2013

The magic of slimming world

Welcome to blog 101 and in this blog I am going to reveal to you the magic of slimming world and the secrets behind the plan.

The secret is.....well there is no big secret all you really need to succeed on the plan is this

Treat the food optimising book as your bible it contains everything you need to know about the plan. There really is no secret to the amazing losses you see its all in the book. I would read and reread it and if you are struggling read the book again and take the plan back to basics. I succeed because I use the tools slimming world gave me by looking in my book or on the website. I'm not saint I've had bad weeks even recently. I spent the first 6 months of doing slimming world faffing around and trying to bypass some of the basics but one day it clicked.  In order to lose the weight I fill up on superfree food and weigh and measure my healthy extras. I know friends who do the same and they have good losses by simply following the plan.

So thats the magic secret and if you need some motivation check out these ladies on facebook and blogs

Three awesome ladies, two who have lost over 10 stone and one who is close to her 7 stone award and they have done it just by following what the book tells us to do. They are amazing ladies and inspire me daily. They are human they go through bad times but they follow the plan and succeed and when they get knocked down they jump right back on the wagon. 

Another thing I have learnt recently is the importance of having a support network and having friends who understand the whole slimming world deal. I have a good friend Charlotte (haha name check again hunni) who I speak with daily we swap food pictures meal plans and ideas and it keeps me on track. I also have the wonderful Mitchy who is on the same wavelength as me. I am a lucky girl to have great friends who support be on this journey and are just awesome and they know who they are and if they don't know how awesome they are they just need to go look in the mirror.

Okay so thats a big ramble from me today isn't it....sorry guys but hey you got to see a cute pug in a wizard hat. On to the potential food porn now...which for today involved chocolate for breakfast.

Okay so it was chocolate allbran chocolate crunch which is gorgeous! As normal I added fruit and yogurt. It was gorgeous and kept me happy until lunch.

Lunch consisted of blue cheese and broccoli soup with my hea of babybel and fruit. I had a rather organised day at work which included putting my outstanding post into alphabetical order. I have 2.5 days left and want to get as much cleared as possible before I leave. I also managed to maintain several conversations with mitchy and charlotte during the day.

We had to stop into Asda on the way home which is always fun when your budget has virtually gone for the month but we picked up the bits we needed. I got home to this lovely card from Mitchy which put a big smile on my face

I got some gorgeous cards this year one in particularly which is very arty and gothic and I think needs to be framed (thanks Mel xx).

Unfortunately I started to feel unwell when I got back from walking Doug, not really sure why but my head began to hurt like hell. I am hoping rest and sleep will help. It took me a little while to get moving on dinner but it was worth the effort

I went a bit mad on the superfree today but I love my veg. The red stuff is sausage casserole made with linda mccartney sausages, onions, garlic, mushrooms, passata and chopped tomatoes. I just chucked it into a pan and let it cook. The mash had half a tub of low low mixed in to make lovely creamy cheesy mash. The veg was just from a bag of frozen mixed veg. It was yummy and filling. I had a sweet treat afterwards in the shape of my mikado

So thats me done for the evening, I think i'm going to head to bed with my book any minute though I may not read much based on how tired I feel already.

Night night all xoxo


  1. Cute card... Great post. I look forward to reading your blog everyday x

  2. Okay - my day has started on a rather amazeballs note with a pug in a wizard's hat :)
    Oh so true's not luck or magic, it's using the tools we all have. Hope you feel better today sweetie xxx