Sunday, 10 March 2013


Every once in a while life throws you a curveball and they can knock you off track. It happened to me a bit today with a shitty email from people who are supposed to know what I can't even think of a way to describe them anymore. Luckily I have some good friends and rich to perk me up. Needless to say these individuals have ruined my life enough so I should learn to move on and not let them get to me everytime. It can be hard though...and I decided to solve the problem today with too many mikado

It doesn't look a lot here but I had several little pots worth. Luckily I did manage to stop myself before every box of mikado in the cupboard was gone.

Maybe today was a day I should have stayed in bed, I woke up with a banging headache that whilst it no longer hurts I have spent most of the day feeling tired and my head felt very cloudy all day. I decided to see if a decent sw friendly fried breakfast would help get me going.

Two rosemary and red onion sausages, quorn bacon (1.5 syns for both slices) hello kitty spaghetti and some peppers and mushrooms. It was my first time trying the quorn bacon and I really enjoyed it. You may notice the picture looks a tad different than normal and thats because I have been playing with instagram today (my name on there is kazakatalia).

Lunch was a bit carby/cheesy heaven but went down well 

6 ryvita wholegrain crispbreads with 6 extra light laughing cow cheese (2 x he's) and some carrots, peppers and apple to be good on the superfree front. Speaking of superfree the excellant weight loss bitch has put up a good blog about the merits of superfree tonight and I urge you all to read I was still hungry after this so splashed out on a few syns and another healthy extra

Two more extra light laughing cow cheeses and a light laughing cow cheese. I was even good and calculated my syns at this point before the email and mikado time.

Before the email occurred I had allowed myself within my syns to try one of rich's biscuits

It was more chocolate than biscuit and was nice but not worth the syns.

I got back on track at dinner and it was gorgeous

Quorn roast with roast potatoes and a homemade yorkie and  mountain of veg covered in homemade syn free gravy. 

I followed this up with the rest of the rice pudding yesterday and I mixed in yogurt and banana again and a bit of golden syrup

The weekend is almost over and I'm back to work in the morning :( only a few more weeks left than on to my new job! It's been a good few days especially going to Crufts which I loved and we will be going next year for sure.

Hope the lovely mothers out there had a good day today and got spoilt rotten x


  1. How do you make the Yorkies? I'm so sorry to hear about the email and mikado-fest. :(

  2. thanks hun it was a difficult day x the recipe is really simple

    Yorkshire pudding recipes

    30g plain flour (5syns). 1 egg 100ml milk (2) beat altogether.
    frylight tin. make sure tin is hot