Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Stresshead day and new beginnings

The last month has been a very stressful and other than Rich and my close friend's I've not really been able to discuss it properly. It has been quite a big factor in how things have been with my weight loss too. I don't deal with stress very well I either get very moody or very depressed and I think since the end of January I have been both. Now finally I can discuss it and it's such a relief.

At the end of January we were all called into a meeting at work and it was announced that the section I work in (personal injury) was being restructured. It didn't take a genius to know this was bad news and know that redundancies were in the offing. The reality is 3/4 of us would be leaving and whilst at first I felt okay the news hit me quite hard when I walked away from the office. I actually genuinely loved my job I was really happy and enjoying the work and the challenges. I had some really interesting cases and was happy at work.

The biggest problem with redundancy is not knowing whats going to happen and whether, come the end of the process, you are still going to have a job. In the end I had to think about whether it was worth me staying put until I knew for sure or start looking elsewhere. I actually took the step to apply for a role and I secured the job. It didn't come easy as I had to get some assurances about my hands for them. The job and everything finally got confirmed fully just over two weeks ago and I handed my notice in. I had a bit of a fight on my hands as wanted to leave on the 26th March and today I got the great news that I can go on this date. I am really excited about this new opportunity and I know I am going to be happy.

Most importantly though the stress and low moods I have been feeling have started to ease. It means I can now focus my brain on getting back on mine and mitchy's SW bus.

I faced the scales tonight really expecting the worst and it was not as bad as I thought I put on 1/2lb tomorrow is a nice fresh start for me. We have a busy few days coming up as we are going to a gig in London tomorrow then Crufts on Friday before coming home. It's always tricky to stay on plan when travelling but I have some plans to keep me on track even when dealing with service station food.The one place I will be avoiding is the mcdonalds or burger king restaurants!

Okay on to the food of the day

Dorset fruit with banana and yogurt nom nom

Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread with ryvita's and fruit. 

The usual no dinner until after weigh in and then I had this beauty

Chips with quorn southern chicken burgers and curry sauce I could eat it all over again!!

The curry sauce is made from this

its 2 syns for 10g of powder and you just add water. It was gorgeous! 

I was naughty tonight but treat nights are being replaced by treats for me in the shape of bath bombs or pretty necklaces. This was my final and most enjoyable naughty to date

I couldn't resist it and it was gorgeous!

I picked up some new books at group tonight so I can try some new recipes

I probably won't be blogging again until Saturday have a good few days guys xx


  1. karen good luck on the new job.

  2. Well done on your new job and even more so well done coping in the midst of losing your old one, as well know how easy it can be to go off track!

    Enjoy crufts I am totally jealous as have been watching it on the tv.

  3. thanks april xx

    thanks hun it was hard and the fact I couldnt discuss it didnt help, crufts was amazing i had a great time