Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back on the bus

So today didn't start so well with a bad telephone call that has been bumming me out all day. I really felt like running for the junk food but was not going to let it happen so I shook myself off and got on with my day. I am still off work so enjoyed a day of watching the three Cinderella disney movies and relaxing with Doug who is the best medicine.

I also had a bit of a play around with and did a comparison shot. Okay so it's just a guesstimate of how I will look when I hit my 10 stone target though I may not be as toned.

It's nice to have a bit of a visual of how I will look in the future. 

Other than watching disney films I have spent most of the day texting Mitchy Charlotte and Jen aka Merida from me if you met her you'd know she was a princess with a kickass shot. 

Food wise I have been firmly on the wagon today even with my grumpy mood. Breakfast was an omelette packed full of veggies. This made me chuckle as only last night me and Mitchy were discussing how much veg we put in our omelettes.

I fried off onions courgettes and mushrooms and then added my healthy extra of cheese to the top. 

Lunch was a bit unplanned but worked out fantastically and is going to be dubbed a feta thingum.

I fried off some more onions mushrooms and courgettes and cooked some orzo. When that was all done I mixed them together added some plum tomatoes and topped with my healthy extra of feta. I then served this on a bed of baby spinach and it was gorgeous. Definitely going to have it again!

I was using my healthy extra A on milk for my coffee leaving one healthy extra left. I decided we were going to have a strogonoff type dish.

I cooked off mushrooms and asparagus in some veg stock and then added 75g of garlic and herb Philadelphia which makes a really creamy sauce (Rich had the same but with chicken). I served it with broccoli, green beans (sorry mitchy i know they are the devils food to you) and sweet potato chips. 

Once this was consumed I whiled away a bit of time watching the finale of 666 Park Avenue and generally wondering why I bothered watching is considering it was nothing like the books and continuing to talk to my lovely ladies. I then decided it was time for my syns so prepped this little lot to eat whilst watching For the love of dogs...well watching and blubbing.

Thanks Mitchy for suggesting the banana toffee yogurts which are 2.5 syns and worth it. They are really scrummy and taste a bit like banoffee pie which is one of my favourite things. I had 7.5 syns of mikado and some grapes too as felt a bit greedy tonight and taking me to 10 syns.

Tomorrow I am off out during the day with Jen doing some girlie shopping and having a makeover at MAC which I am looking forward too then going out to dinner tomorrow night with my lovely friends so I will be having two meals out but have planned both of them and will 
remain on plan. I will probably be blogging Saturday morning as I will be back late.

Night night all xoxo

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