Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blowing away the cobwebs

Yet again it's been far too long since I have opened up my blog I have neglected it a lot recently. I really haven't been in a good place recently. I have now been signed off work for a further 4 weeks and have to have an MRI scan to rule out a condition called audio neuroma. It's a bit scary and it has been really affecting my mood. I have definitely not been myself and my weight has been piling on. I had another disastrous weigh in last night and felt very down but I also had a good chat with the amazing people on The Purple Bus and decided this week to really make an effort to feel better. I cannot fix my ears right now but I can stop wallowing and feeling down. I have neglected my food, exercise and myself so I need to start getting those things in control again.

The aim this week is to remain strapped onto the bus and increase my exercise and generally look after myself. Whether it be as simple as getting dressed instead of living in my pajamas's. It's not going to be easy there will still be grumpy moments but I want to try and control them a bit better. 

Today was my new start day (the millionth time) but I had a plan and was going to stick to it. I didn't sleep to well last night and was woken in the early hours by Doug demanding attention as he needed the toilet. He ended up coming up to bed with me and curled up. I tried to get to sleep but couldn't for a bit so ended up finishing up my book before dropping off again. Eventually me and Rich could no longer ignore the alarm and had to get up. I did my good fiance duty and took Rich to work before coming home and sorting myself some breakfast.
A mushroom, onion and courgette omelette with a healthy extra of cheese.

I wasted some time after this catching up on Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Don't tell the bride and before I knew it it was lunchtime.
Carrot, coriander and lentil soup which has become one of my favourites. Once lunch was done I got Doug ready and we headed out for a walk. It has been a while since I went any further than just around the block but I had promised myself we would go on longer walks as the exercise will be good for me.
Not too shabby and whilst I felt tired and achy when I got home it was a nice kind of tired and achy. I decided on a bubble bath to ease the aches. 

Once Rich finished work we headed to Halfords to finally sort out our windscreen wipers and then Pets at Home with Doug to get him a few bits. Whilst we were in there he had fun playing with another little pug and exploring the store for all the things he wants. 

This evening has been fairly sedate, we had dinner in the form of quorn beef and butternut squash lasagne with two healthy extras of cheese.
I spent the rest of the evening watching Arsenal win another game...its becoming a habit for them :D and finished up my evening with a hot chocolate and nakd raisins
I am going to try and get back into my blogging routine as I have missed it. I am going to go and curl up with my book now night night all xoxo

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