Thursday, 14 November 2013

Thursday fun

Today has been another good day and my mood is improving by the day. The ears are but at least I'm smiling. I had some good news today too which i will share with you all soon.

I haven't done a great deal today, spent most of it either chatting to Mitchy and Rich watching Masterchef and American Horror Story: The Coven or playing with Doug. He has killed his new snow dog had a good death...lots of stuffing ripped out! 

Apart from that it has been a pretty quiet day, once I dropped Rich off at work I decided to go straight out with Doug as I needed to be in for a delivery.
Only a short walk today but it was good fun and Doug got tons of attention....he normally does as he has a cute face but it was crazy today.

Food wise today has been a day of fab noms starting with breakfast
Low fat quorn sausages and mushrooms with three slices of low low cheese. The bread is an aldi sub roll which is a HEB plus 2 syns. 
Lunch butternut squash with quorn mince in it and hex of cheese on top (well most of it the rest went on the salad). 
Quorn chicken satay (3 syns) with egg fried rice and stir fry. The satay sauce was really simply to make, it is 1.5 tbsp of reduced fat peanut butter, 70ml of water, 1/2 tbsp of soya sauce and some garlic powder. You just cook it all in a pan until it begins to thicken. The sauce is 6 syns split between me and Rich.
Tad obsessed with this pudding at the moment, fruit and a warmed chocolate muller dessert. 

I am now going to spend the evening watching more Breaking Bad night night all xoxo

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