Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weigh in, ipad fun and takeaway

I am a very happy girl right now, have been to weigh in and lost an amazing 6 1/2lbs. I am completely over the moon with tonights result I worked really hard this work on both my food and exercise and proved to myself that sticking to plan gives me the results I want. I felt completely in control all week and didn't feel like I was struggling. 

Group was really good tonight, we had the Miss Slinky awards and the lady who won has lost over 5 stone and looks amazing. She is so motivated to stick to plan and doesn't feel she struggles. Our new group is really good everyone is so friendly and have made us all feel really welcome.

Apart from weigh in today has been a rest day as poor Douglas has an ouchy paw and we also had to wait in for the delivery of this little beauty.

I have now joined the Ipad generation and love it...mainly because it works unlike my poor little laptop that is so clanky and temperamental. I will get it sorted out one day but for now it will be for blogging and essays...which I really must finish!! Apart from this I had a fair few deliveries today including one that was a bit tricky to hide....really excited for Christmas now :D

As Doug was on a rest day today he spent most of the day doing this
Unfortunately it was Doug's yearly vet visit today too and we wanted to get his paw sorted out, he was a little champ took his injection fine dealt with his kennel cough vaccine fine and tried to lick the stethoscope. His paw appears fine he may have just irritated it so just need to keep an eye on it. The vet mentioned that he was slightly overweight :( poor little mite is now joining me on a diet. He has lacked in exercise recently so my increased activity will help him. 

I did learn an important lesson today which really surprised me. I had decided to have a takeaway pizza tonight I am not a huge advocate of the weigh in bubble or treat night but recently I have struggled a lot so it was suggested that maybe consider this freedom on a Tuesday night for a bit and see how it goes. 
This is the pizza....and I managed 3 slices before I said to Rich I didn't fancy anymore. This really surprised me as even a week ago I would have eaten the whole thing without fail. I do think I needed this tonight just to show that in reality I didn't actually need pizza or junk food. This for me is real progress and the bubble night has probably stopped before it even really started.

The rest of my food shaped up like this
Baked beans on toast (HEB) one low fat quorn sausage (sad face as I have run out of my stockpile) and two large flat mushrooms.
Mushroom and courgette omelette (HEA for cheese) with salad.

So that's today done and dusted I am going to play with my Ipad and cry watching The Notebook <3

Night night all xoxo

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